NEWS: Paris Pictures;a New Feast; and 3 Cups

The Paper BoyA few news updates relevant to things we have previously discussed.

1. Vagabond Quest has just published two of my Paris pictures, in a special article showing various travel writer’s photos. Which ones? You’ll have to go find them at Vagabond Quest.

2. FEAST online magazine, by Rosemary Carstens covers new books, art and artists, food and travel. What else is there??  Rosemary has done a beautiful/gorgeous remake of her site and I recommend you take a look. I’d love the new look even if she were not previewing Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy o f a Navajo Artist (which she IS). And I would like it even if she didn’t’ mention having lunch with me in Tucson (which she did) and rave about southern Arizona (which she does.)

Three Cups of Tea book cover
3 Cups of Tea Book Cover

3. Have you seen the hubbub surrounding Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea? I frankly was not overly impressed when I read what I considered a press release disguised as a memoir, so I never reviewed it here. 60 Minutes did an expose which has generated other columns and articles.  This morning I heard the editor of Outside magazine, who had profiled Mortenson earlier, talk on NPR about an interview he just did with Mortenson to get his side of the story.  Apparently his side of the story was not entirely convincing. If false information made it into the book, it was his co-writer! It wasn’t his fault, it was the publisher! On the other hand, Nicholas Kristoff pleads in the New York Times that the baby (several schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan) should not be thrown out with the dirty bath water (made up incidents in the book and possible misfeasance in the operation of the charity founded by Mortenson.)

4. Back to good news. I have winners to announce.

  • Deb Scorse , who de-lurked to enter the drawing, wins The Minaret of Dijam
  • Diana Brandemeyer will dream about Paris while reading Paris Walks
  • Richard Mussler-Wright chose Lisa Napoli’s Radio Shangri Lai when I gave you a choice of Bhutan books.
  • Suzanne Cassel went for Linda Leaming’s Married to Bhutan


Now, I think I’m all caught up–but only momentarily, because we have more book giveaways coming soon.

Tomorrow an interview with Holly Tucker about her new book, Blood Work. And next week, we’ll continue the Troubled Times in Arab Lands series; talk about a new book about the Nicarauguan Revolution and a stunning new novel set in the former Yugoslavia. (While I’m actually in Albuquerque, NM and Yuma AZ talking about my own new book, which you can buy directly from this site by using the Buy Now button on the right.)

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  1. Congrats to all the winners- I know I’ve enjoyed any book I’ve won!!

    Congrats also on the two pictures being published, I have to dash over to Vagabond to check them out….more congratulations for seeing another review being done on Quincy Tahoma!!

    Funny (strange funny…not ha ha funny) about the “Three Cups of Tea”- I tried to pick it up and read it but just didn’t get a great vibe — so never did read it. Interesting to hear of the hubbub going on.

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