Italy mysteries on PBS July

Another TV hit for travelers–this time ITALY is the destination.

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

I have Longitude books to thank for this discovery, and you can browse the whole collection of these mysteries at their site. If you don’t already get their newsletter, I highly recommend it for outstanding travel books.

Aurelio Zen mysteries by Michael Dibdin  air on PBS, Sunday evenings July 17-31.

  • Tour Sardinia with Vendetta.
  • Tour Rome with Cabal.
  • Tour Venice  (correction) Perugia with Ratking.

The brooding Middelmarch (BBC) actor, Rufus Sewell, plays the detective. (You may have seen him in the TV version of [amazon_link id=”045123281X” target=”_blank” ]Pillars of the Earth[/amazon_link].)

Rialto Bridge, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Venice

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Before we went to Italy I read nearly all of the Donna Leon mysteries set in Venice, and I read a couple of a series about an art appraiser by Ian Pears,  which I did not like as much, but you may like those, too. Have you read any of the Aurelio Zen mysteries? I have not, but am really looking forward to this series on Public Broadcasting.

A reader has corrected the erroneous destination I listed  for Ratking. Which calls into question my use of the Venice picture. Dibdin, did however, write a book set in Venice–Dead Lagoon,and . My apologies to everyone for getting that wrong. It was incorrect in some promotional materials and I did not check it. Shame on me.

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5 thoughts on “Italy mysteries on PBS July

  1. love mystery books- especially those set in various cities- that’s why I love all the M.M.Kaye “Death in…” books. Will have to check these out.

  2. I’ve never heard of this series but am definitely interested. I’ll look for the t.v. programs and the books.

    I’m currently reading the Inspector Montalbano series, mentioned in comment above. I’m loving it and would love to see the T.V. versions, too.

    Love your Venice photo, too!

  3. Oh, so glad to learn this. I have not read Dibdin’s books but the combination of Italy and mystery on TV thrills.

    Iain Pears’s mysteries never caught my imagination. Something about them was too low-key, if I recall correctly, and the mood did not work for me. Donna Leon I have yet to try. My favourite Italian mysteries are actually Sicilian – Andrea Camilleri’s novels about Inspector (Detective?) Montalbano. Several have been filmed for TV, with Luca Zingaretti in the title role. Setting really is character here, and the stories are gems, full of ambiguity and heart (and love of food). I can highly recommend both the books and the films.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Danielle. I’m glad to see we agree on Ian Pear’s mysteries. I think you’ll like Donna Leon. It is nice to see a real Venice instead of the tourist Venice for a change. Now if you promise to read Leon, I’ll put Camilleri’s novels on my list–and read them cautiously, because Sicily is definitely on my wannago list.

  4. We also read Donna Leon prior to and during trips to Italy – got so hooked on her Inspector that we continue to get our Venice fix through him. Have you seen the ‘Brunetti’ guidebook? 🙂

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