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Three sons
Three sons

Oh, please, don’t ask me to choose.  It’s like picking your favorite child. It just isn’t done. Besides, think of the psychiatrist bills to battle the neurosis of those that are not chosen.

But Choose I must.  It seems there is this “thing” going around–not lethal but very infectious–and I have been intentionally exposed by my friend Mark over at Travel Wonders of the World.  Well, since Mark is a good friend (I’ve guest blogged for him about Bayeux  and Canyon de Chelly,  and he wrote about Mark Twain for me and leaves comments frequently here), I am honored.

The “thing” is a My 7 Links meme started by Tripbase Blog. Bloggers are asked to list posts that fit into 7 categories, as you will see below.

So happy reading.

Pond in New Zealand1. My Most Beautiful Post

I have borrowed a lot of other people’s pictures for posts (using Flickr, usually),  I proudly present a post where I took all the pix–10 + Reasons to Travel to New Zealand. In such a beautiful place, how can you NOT take beautiful pictures?  The technical standards are not tops, because these are all scanned from print, but nevertheless…I think the post looks pretty good.




2. My Most Popular Post

Five American Road Trip Books and The List.  I wrote this one not long after I started the blog and it continues to draw readers every month. Why? People like road trips, and people like “best of” lists.

(Incidently if you measure popularity by number of comments, that would be The Perfect French Movie, which inspired beaucoup people to opine about their favorite french movie.)

Mumbai India

3. My Most Controversial Post

Easy.  Sometimes when I write a negative review, somebody (namely the author) jumps to the defense, but generally I’m positive and not controversial. However, when it came to the movie, Slumdog Millionaire, while I enjoyed the movie, I could not resist pointing out that I have no desire to visit Mumbai, India.  That created a mini firestorm, which was partially quenched when Monica Bhide wrote two guest posts defending her Mumbai (Bombay).


Dessert at Train Bleu4. My Most Helpful Post

Since I hope that EVERY blog post I write is helpful in some way, it is difficult for me to choose, but relying on the number of viewers and commenters, I would say that readers have found Ten Places to Eat Cheap (er) in Paris has been majorly helpful to them. (So much so that I have adapted the post, added pictures, and published it as an e-book which is available on Kindle or at the Barnes and Noble Store.)





Civil War Veteran Grave: Henry Butts
Grave of Civil War Veteran Henry Butts, Danville, Ohio

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I suspect school assignments may be resonsible for searches that land on the post on Hiawatha , and I know that giving away a prize is going to make a temporarily popular post. As I mentioned, list posts are popular, which made 3 Best Travel Secrets of Greece a winner. But none of those are surprising. From time to time a post draws enormous traffic for no discernable reason.

The one that surprised me was a personal Veteran’s Day tribute to men in my family who have served in United States armed conflicts.  I would like to think it was my masterful writing, but I suspect the popularity might be caused by the fact that my great-grandfathers surname was Butts. What do you think?







Dessert at Musee d'Orsay

6. A Post I Don’t Feel Got the Attention It Deserved

Oh, dear. NONE of my posts ever reach as many people as I would like.  I’m sharing some of the greatest writers of travel literature and travel-inspirational fiction, or movies that you must see, and I want EVERYONE to know. Enough whining–since I have to choose just one, I’ll say Sweet Read About Paris. David Leibovitz writes an hysterically funny guide to living in Paris. Plus there’s lots of chocolate.

GR- Route7. The Post I am Proudest Of

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel’s sake.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that in his classic travel book, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. But you have to read my post to get the entire context of his quote which has a sharper edge than the excerpt. I like this post because it focuses on the job at hand–instead of wandering off point as I am wont to do. And it introduces a book that I really adored.

Note to other blog posts at A Traveler’s Library. I’m just kidding–I really like YOU the best!


And there you have it. My little family of Seven Links from past posts. I hope you enjoy them, and will share your thoughts below. Agree with my choices? Have your own favorites?

I hereby pass the 7 Links Baton to the following 5 wonderful bloggers, and hope you will check them out, also.

Edie Jarolim at Will My Dog Hate Me (Edie is a travel writer as well as a dog slave.)

Kerry Dexter at Music Road  (If you have not met Kerry here before, you were not paying attention.)

Sheri Wallace at Road Trips for Families (Sheri has an empire of road trip blogs, but this is the flagship.)

Kristen Gough and her fun family food blog, My Kids Eat Squid. (Kristen has also guest-posted at A Traveler’s Library on a variety of places)

Melanie McMin, The Frugal Kiwi. (How appropriate. I started this post with a photo-post from New Zealand, and I end with a recommendation of a blogger who lives in New Zealand. This useful and entertaining blog comes with chickens, honey bees, felted crafts, food, and home decor!)



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  1. Well done on your choices – they fit wonderfully- I always like it when you highlight former posts- because then I can see ones which I may have missed out on in the past!! GREAT job!!!

  2. I like Meer’s comment, above ” like a tour guide for visiting new places for new and different reasons!”
    and thanks for inviting me to join in–

  3. I absolutely LOVE how you’ve categorized these! Brilliant…and kind of like a tour guide for visiting new places for new and different reasons!

  4. How fun! And love your little note to the rest of your blog posts at the end. I think I’ll be tagged in a Seven Links circle coming up, so I’d better start thinking…

  5. Like you, I have no desire to visit Mumbai… sorry, India, but I need to get to Australia, New Zealand, Barcelona, Alaska, BACK to France and Italy, and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos) first.

  6. A few new discoveries for me and very happy to see my favourite France so well represented only one day after Bastille Day.

  7. Now it is my turn to choose posts, I’m having such a hard time. Eek! Love yours though. Especially the NZ post, but I’m a bit biased, obviously!

  8. What an interesting exercise! It must have been fun to comb through your archives for all these gems.

  9. What a great round-up! You have a lot to be proud of and showcasing them is a great reminder to re-read them.

  10. Are we voting? I vote for 6. I remember enjoying that post, but must have been too busy to leave a comment. When I first moved to Paris, I used to be fascinated by the chocolate in candy shops, with a bit of edible gold leaf on top. Yes, and buy them, and eat them … Now off to discover your the bloggers you recommend. Thanks.

  11. Thank you so much for including me — I think. Now the tough decisions come… But I’ll put it into context: it’s easier than solving the problem of how to raise the debt ceiling.

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