Travel PhotoThursday: More Than Tea

When tea alone is not enough, La Bretesche
A little something extra with your tea

This yummy photo is my weekly contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. I could not resist posting this after last week’s coffee and tea photo of tea and coffee at Budget Traveller’s Sandbox on Travel Photo Thursday. Go to her home page and see who’s posting new photos today.

We were staying at the Chateau de la Bretesche Resort in Brittany in northwest France. After a long day of driving, we settled in and asked room service to deliver a pot of tea. Little did we know what came with the tea! Please see more about the fantastic resorts and restaurants in Brittany in my post for Girls Getaway, about three luxurious getaways.


I retain all rights for this photo, and request that you not reprint it. Thanks. Our stay at La Bretesche was compliments of the Relais and Chateaux resort. 



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12 thoughts on “Travel PhotoThursday: More Than Tea

  1. What a treat to have with tea & a very nice photo to boot.

    We had a cheese & fruit plate delivered – without asking at The Inn of Bay Fortune in Pei – with the most amazing presentation too. Those little things stick with you forever.

    1. Have to agree, Mark, the French do things up right with food. Although, in Belgium, they piled the tea platter with chocolates until I accused them of thinking I had a sugar deficiency.

    1. Thanks for noticing, Cathy. The glass cups were the really over-the-top part. A baked custard with caramel sauce and a chocolate wrapped cookie to scoop it up with!

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