Shiny New Travel Ideas

Jump for joy

Is this how traveling makes you feel? Is this the way you want to act when you discover a wonderful travel book or movie that takes you away?

We travelers who read are endlessly curious.  We want to know about all the things that might make us want to travel. And when we plan our trips we want to know all about the cultures we are visiting. Most of the time we get inspired and informed by travel literature or movies–anything with a strong sense of place.

But there are other things that inspire us to wander the world, too. Music,  museums, festivals,  food, wine,  art, shopping,  challenge, photography–there is no end to the inspirations. And there are many styles of travel, from jet setting to five-star resorts to backpacking on a shoestring; from traveling solo to traveling en famille–even if someone in the family has four legs instead of two.

And because one person cannot adequately bring you tidbits about so many different ideas, I have invited some inspiring people to partner with A Traveler’s Library.  Some of these people you are already familiar with. Some of them may be new to you. But all of them are specialists and fine writers. I’m jumping for joy about the fresh breeze that is wafting through the library and all the new ideas that these partners will bring in their periodic posts.

And expect surprises. We may shake up the way things have been here. And there may be new partners waiting in the wings with even more new ideas. Enough suspense?? Here’s the list of (at least) once-a-month contributors that you can look forward to reading during the first full week of each month.

Music Monday by Kerry Dexter

Culture Travel Tuesday by Dr. Jessie Voigts

Wednesday Matinee by Jane Boursaw

Pet Travel Thursday by Edie Jarolim

Family Travel Friday by Jennifer Close

To learn more about each of these new contributors, each experienced in her field (heck, we even have at least two PhDs among our partners!), click over to the Contributors’ Page. Go visit their blogs and support them on their home turf. And come back next week when they will start bringing you shiny new travel ideas.

What inspires YOUR travel?


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About Vera Marie Badertscher

A freelance writer who loves to travel. When she is not traveling she is reading about travel. When she is not reading or traveling, she is sharing with the readers of A Traveler's Library, or recreating her family's past at Ancestors In Aprons . She has written for Reel Life With Jane, Life is a Trip and other websites. Also co-author of a biography, Quincy Tahoma, The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist. Contact Vera Marie by e-mail.

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  1. What a great idea, to feature different specialties. It’s kind of like having a daily blog concierge. Congrats to all!

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