Travel Photo Thursday: Halloween

Zombie at Rawhide's The Nest Graveyard
Zombie at Rawhide's The Nest Graveyard

I was invited to tour The Nest, at Rawhide in Chandler, Arizona before it opened to the public this month. In one section, you walk through a graveyard and are confronted with zombies who may be real and may be animatronics. I’m not staying around long enough to find out!

This photo is part of Travel Photo Thursday and you can see many more travel photos from around the world at Budget Travelers Sandbox.

The photo is my own–all rights reserved, please. Rawhide invited me to a preview tour of The Nest for members of the press.

P.S. Still trying to figure out the Paris Mystery Photo?  I accidentally stumbled across what seems to be a sensible answer at this web site which is in Italian. Google translation is not terrific–but at least you’ll be able to figure it out. A deterrent it is–and although some still say deterrent of urination, the open work in my Paris Mystery Photo leads me to think that the first explanation they offer is more sensible.

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7 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Halloween

  1. A bit creepy, that one…

    I’m not very keen on what Halloween has become, but I do like its origins. Also, I can’t not like it – it’s my birthday 🙂

  2. Halloween is really just for kids. Thank goodness our son is quite grown up already that we don’t have to come up with such gory ideas.

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