Family Friday: NYC

Family Travel Friday

Destination: New York City

Book: Lonely Planet’s Not-For-Parents Series:New York City: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know 

Review by Jennifer Close

Central Park, Broadway shows, and the Museum of Modern Art are just a few reasons that New York City has been on my list of places to visit for as long as I can remember. In all of our travels, somehow The Big Apple was always just out of reach. It was too expensive, too far from where we would be, not enough time, and just about any other reason you can think of. Now that we have children, New York City is still at the top of my travel list but I plan on adding Dylan’s Candy Bar, FAO Schwartz, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a Yankees game to that list.

Sometime this year, we will be making a trip up to visit my sister and it is only another 7 hours or so north to New York City so I have been leaving little hints for my husband. I love a glossy guidebook and have purchased a few about NYC to leave on various tables around the house. I have also blatantly stated that I am currently saving our pennies to add a couple of days in NYC to our itinerary. My husband isn’t necessarily buying it so I decided that I needed to step it up a notch. It is time to enlist the help of my kids.

Enter the Not-For-Parents series by Lonely Planet.

Loving the Book
Loving the Book

The Not-For-Parents series includes books about New York City, London, Paris and Rome titled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. When the book arrived, I left it on the coffee table and my five-year-old daughter found it as soon as she walked in the house. The brightly decorated cover grabbed her attention right away. She asked me to read a few things to her, but for the most part she flipped through the pages for a good thirty minutes on her own. The pages are covered with great illustrations and photographs.

My son is an avid reader so it didn’t surprise me when he spent time flipping through the illustrated pages and reading the interesting facts. He was most interested in What Lurks Beneath where the reader learns more about the sewer system and whether or not alligators really live there! I like that the book covers all different aspects of New York City. Read about Sesame Street, animals that live in the city, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. There are pages about Ground Zero and New York’s Finest. Learn some secrets about Grand Central Station and how people checked in at Ellis Island. There is a lot of history thrown in but in a way that makes the reader want more. Even though I have been researching a visit to NYC for years, I learned a few new things myself!

Inside Everything You Wanted to Know About New York
Inside Everything You Wanted to Know About New York

This isn’t your typical guidebook. It doesn’t list locations, cost or hours of operation but that is okay because it is meant for children and your children will be with you on the trip, right? You can navigate and plan out when you should visit while your kids help guide the decisions about which attractions to choose. This book is meant to help get your kids ready and excited for their visit.

After readingNot For Parents New York City: Everything you ever wanted to know (Lonely Planet Not for Parents), both of my children have quite an opinion of what they want to see if (when?!?) we visit New York City. They are begging dad for a visit.

My plan just might work after all!

Jennifer says: I received a review copy of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about New York City. As always, my opinions are my own with no outside influences.

Vera says: Athough we provide you with links to Amazon,(which earns a few cents for an Amazon affiliate, but costs you no more) you might want to do a little comparison shopping over at Lonely Planet. 

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  1. Are you and my wife planning things together? She’s been making the kids watch Cake Boss so that they’ll beg me to take them to Carlos’ Bakery. She even tried Say Yes to the Dress, but my girls just aren’t all that interested in Kleinfelds. I do love New York though, so I hope your devious plan works. You would have had me at “Yankees game”.

  2. We love this series as well. We have the London and Paris books as well as The Not-for-Parents Travel Book and my 8 year old loves them! I can’t wait to see what cities are published next.

    1. In listing the places that Jennifer’s family will visit in New York City, I think she needs to add American Girl on Times Square. Her daughter absolutely needs to see that.

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