Travel Photo Thursday Venice Doors and Windows


Window View, Venice
Window View, Venice

In the city of Venice, where so much is hidden behind doors and glimpses at life inside a window seem a stolen pleasure, I caught this woman enjoying her view of  the neighborhood Piazza.

Other photos simply capture the peeling plaster, streaked paint and rusting metal caused by centuries of rising and falling water. Doorways in Venice can be Moorish, modern, Baroque, Renaissance, Victorian or any style man has dreamed up–but somehow they form a coherent whole that is unmistakably Venice.  I end with perhaps the most famous doorway in Venice.

Windows and doors along a Venice canal.
Windows and doors along a Venice canal.
Venice weather-beaten door
Venice, Ghetto, weather-beaten door
Window in Venice Ghetto
Window in Venice Ghetto
Venice- Graceful Decay
Venice- Graceful Decay
Window in Venice, Canareggio
Window in Venice, Canareggio
A little girl watches other children playing outside her building. Venice
A little girl watches other children playing outside her building. Venice
Door to San Marcos Cathedral, Venice
Door to San Marcos Cathedral, Venice

These photos are my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday.  To see more travel photos from around the world, go to Budget Traveler’s Sandbox.

For Christmas, I received a digital slide converter, which means that I have access to many of my photos that previously were hidden in boxes.  Are you tired of windows? Want a change of subject? or do you want some more doors and windows?

All photos are my property. Please respect my copyright and do not copy without express permission.


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32 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday Venice Doors and Windows

  1. So lovely the shades of red and rose in the first photo (even the woman somehow blends in). Really like the weather-beaten doors, too. Graceful decay… such an apt description.

    1. Sophie: I think you’re right. Probably the reason I love that picture–besides the woman caught in every day life–was the happy accident of colors. And I’m a sucker for graceful decay. See my disintegrating farm building–which by the way was sold to a Greek punk band for an album cover!!

  2. Weather-beaten or not, they have their own special charm. Looking forward to see them in April when I’m there 🙂 (Dropping by from the Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday)

    1. Angela, this was a Jewish ghetto, historically and there are commemorative plaques to the Holocaust. The buildings are taller than in other parts of Venice, because so many people had to be crowded into the area. Now, you can still find kosher stores and a synagogue, but it is an ordinary neighborhood.

  3. These photos are such a wonderful set and capture the classic Venice. I love the variety of doors and windows here and Venice certainly doesn’t disappoint.

  4. When I toured Venice in 2001 with American ex-pat, Samantha Durell, I asked her why the facades of some many buildings were decidedly shabby. She said that the “locals” like the way their city looks and have a motto: “Venice Never Changes.”

    By the way, for a cinematic view of this town-without-cars, watch “The Tourist” (often playing on Comcast cable TV; available on DVD).

  5. I love the flowers spilling off the balconies that you see all over Europe – so I really like your first photo.
    I can’t get enough doors and windows – especially ones with some history so keep them coming.

  6. Oh, my! I rented an apartment for six weeks in Italy this last Sept/October and these photos made me long to go back already…for an even longer time. The photos are exquisite. Windows and doors are some of my favorite photo subjects, too, and especially those in Venice. Simply beautiful!!

    Please give me an extra chance as a loyal subscriber. 🙂

  7. How fun! Some of these are really beautiful and some really show the damage the water has done. Love the pics with the lady and the girl looking out.

  8. Two Venice posts already on Travel Photo Thursday this week. It’s like a sign calling me back there….

    Oh, and please don’t stop with the window and door photos. They’re great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. You have intensified my desire to reutrn to Venice. We’ve been pondering a trip that leaves from there and would take us through Croatia by ferry, perhaps ending up in Greece. Thanks for further stimulation!

    1. Well, Jackie and Ryan, Ironically, I really don’t like Venice all that much. But gotta admit it is a photographer’s dream. (even an amateur like me).

  10. Windows, doors and roads are universal themes in travel. It’s a subject that you can’t “over do”, in my humble opinion. I am also a bit partial to Italy. Venice is on my must see list.

  11. I absolutely love these windows and doors- keep them coming. You capture them so well…believe me, if I were to take a picture of a window or door it would not look beautiful. These were particularly haunting- I wanted to linger on each and every one and it made me feel as though they had a story to tell.

  12. I like the doors and windows, especially when you get people in the picture. It gives a very natural feel to the area. I like that you include the ghetto areas as well. Including both sides of the coin makes it feel more real.

  13. Even though you don’t even need to aim your camera to get gorgeous shots in Venice, these are stellar.

    Please give me my extra chance as a loyal subscriber. Thanks!

  14. Oh I love windows and doors. My photos of them are never as nice as these!

    The book sounds lovely. I am an email subscriber and would love the extra entries!

    Thanks so much for your posts. They inspire!


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