Travel Photo Thursday: Farmer’s Market

These were taken in February, 2012 at the St. Phillip’s Plaza Farmer’s Market in Tucson Arizona. When you travel to Tucson, be sure to check out the many Farmer’s Markets. This one is on Sunday morning. Restaurants available around the Plaza, plus food booths selling empanadas, enchiladas, breads of various kinds, coffee, tea and chocolate, and lots of fresh stuff.

Greens for sale at Farmer's Market
No Kidding, the eggs could be green too. A guy sells eggs that come in pastel colors!


Sunny Tangerines
Tangerines for a complimentary color to green.

Avocados and Tomatoes
Salad in the making


Dog shopping for cookies
Dogs have to eat, too.


The cactus that stole my heart
The cactus that stole my heart. Tucson's version of a flower stall.


This is my weekly contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. For more photos from world-wide travelers, visit Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. And tomorrow we’ll be talking about a book that concentrates on food as a way to know a culture.

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21 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Farmer’s Market

    1. Hi Sarah:

      Ken and I buy emu oil at a booth at our local Farmer’s Market and have for years. The emu oil is magical for the skin—particularly for burns. Dab it on and you’ll never know you burned yourself. They also carry emu eggs which are absolutely gorgeous. They say they don’t know if anybody cooks them–mostly just use for centerpieces.

  1. Beautiful pictures! It is a beautiful spring morning in Atlanta today and this makes me wish the local farmer’s markets were open now… still gotta wait till May…

  2. I always visit farmers markets when I’m traveling far away, but I never think of many of them here in the US oddly enough. Lovely photos, I do like the cactus one too!

    1. Yes, I’ve finally learned that waiting for the right light can make all the difference. But sometimes, as in the dog picture, the set up is so good, that I just can’t wait for the light.

    1. Sam:
      I’m intrigued with your site Smiling Faces Travel Photos and am inspired to check my archives to see if I have something to submit for your site. Thanks so much for dropping by A Traveler’s Library and come back soon. I urge readers to check out Smiling Faces. I guarantee you’ll feel happier when you do.

  3. Love the colors on the tangerines and tomatoes. I am a fan of cacti too and that one is pretty. They’re the only ones I can’t kill with my not so green thumb.

  4. Your tangerine photo is interesting and until recently I hadn’t realized just how much citrus the State of Arizona produced.
    The food all looks so healthy and appetizing too.

    1. Leigh: The state’s motto used to be the four C’s: Copper, Climate, Cotton and Citrus. Alas, the farming industry has shrunk in favor of people drawn here by the Climate, but lots of people have citrus trees in their yards.

  5. Farmer’s markets are so fun! I try to pass by them when travelling, yet I’ve never been to one where I live. Maybe I should go looking for one.

    1. Actually, although I have stopped a bought from roadside farmer’s stalls, I don’t think I have ever stopped at a farmer’s Market when I’m on the road for shopping. We did wander through a really fun one in Ireland, and tried to figure out where the one we had read about was in Paris, but never got there.

    1. I could spend every day going to a different farmer’s market, but so far, I’ve only gone to this one that is near me–and it keeps getting better, so I’m not tempted to go elsewhere.

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