The Sun Rises at Bryce Canyon, Utah


I would never want to dismiss the beauty of the other Western states, particularly my own–Arizona– but certainly high on my list of favorite Western road trips is southern Utah with its cluster of National Parks and Monuments protecting some pretty spectacular landscape.  This series of photos reminds me that although I told my friend Keith Jenkins at Velvet Escape, when he published some dawn photos, that sunrise was only a rumor to me–it turns out I actually DID get up at dawn at Bryce Canyon.

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Utah
Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon Utah First Light
Bryce Canyon Utah First Light


Hiker at Bryce Canyon, Utah
Hikers at Bryce Canyon, Utah


Bryce Canyon in the sunlight
Bryce Canyon in the sunlight

These photos are a continuation of A Traveler’s Library’s western road trip, and also part of Travel Photo Thursday, sponsored by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox.  Click over there to see photos form travelers from around the world.

Have you taken a road trip in southern Utah? What is your favorite spot?

All photos here are the property of Vera Marie Badertscher.  Please do not copy without express permission. Thank you.


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25 thoughts on “The Sun Rises at Bryce Canyon, Utah

  1. Stunning shots, Vera! I think the sunrise shot is my favorite. I did some early morning shooting this past winter in Chiang Mai and was really pleased with the results. I must get more of those shots posted. Spain was simply too cold and too dark for earl morning photography!

    1. Thanks, Nancie. I like the simplicity of the sunrise shot too, although Bryce is so gorgeous that I have a hard time picking which daylight photo I like best.

  2. I never made it to Utah when I lived in the USA. DOn’t know why…

    The colours of the landscape (in the sunlight photo) are really brilliant and unusual. Looks like Bryce Canyons could be almost as interesting to experience as Grand Canyon. Are you allowed to camp or are there cabins for rent nearby?

  3. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad I found your blog. Bryce is definitely spectacular in any season or time of day.

    I’ve taken many road trips in southern Utah (in fact, my last blog post was about just that!) I am fond of Zion’s National Park, but I’d have to say my favorites are Arches National Park (great to visit with kids, with some nice hikes and awesome arches), and Canyonlands National Park, where I did a 10 mile backpacking trip with some friends and didn’t see another soul for an entire week…incredible, truly.

  4. I lived in Nevada as a child and was able to see Bryce Canyon a few times. I know I would appreciate it so much more as an adult. Thanks for the pictures!
    I would love for you to share these pictures with my readers as well! I host a weekly Friday travel photo meme called Friday Daydreamin’. :))


  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures! We’re planning a Bryce trip during the summer. I’ve heard that Bryce is even more spectacular during sunrise, sunset and with some snow on it. I would have woken up early too for this.

  6. Really gorgeous!!! SO AMAZING!!! loved each and every picture. Have never had a desire to go to Utah- but after seeing these pictures, it makes me want to go and explore a bit there.

  7. Such beautiful photos! I’m not much of a morning person but I think that I could get up if I was promised a sunrise like that!

  8. OMG, the Bryce Canyon looks huge and never-ending. I guess that it was such a monumental feeling standing in the middle of it! Great photos!

    1. Of course, in this case it took some doing, and some stern talking-to-myself-ing to get out of bed and stand around in the cold!!

  9. Love these shots – and plan to follow in your footsteps in October. Have you been into the Escalante Wilderness area yet? I was hoping for a few days of gorgeous hiking in there too.

    1. Hi Leigh: Nope. Haven’t been in the Escalante Wilderness, or even Canyonlands. My forays have been in the more “civilized” southern Utah parks.

  10. National Parks are great places to explore and enjoy if we can just keep them safe from some parts of congress. Ken Burns series shows how this same fight has gone on for years between the same two sides. The sides are still the same

  11. these are beautiful, Vera. thanks for sharing this part of your western road trips with us. and I’m glad you got to see the sunrise in such a fine place…

    1. Hi Kerry: Yeah, it really takes something special to get me out of bed early! And it was COLD before the sun came up. But the light slowly bringing the rock into three-dimensional relief was something magical.

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