Travel Photo Thursday: A Foggy Day

Chicago Fog
Chicago Fog

I was inspired to post a few pictures of fog and mist by this lovely misty Ireland photo at Music Road, and a memory of a foggy day in Chicago (left).

It also is a challenge to myself, since I tend to leave my camera in its case when the weather turns misty.  I need to learn to experiment with the special effects that can be found on a rainy, foggy day. I wish I had more of these. My normal reaction is to wait until I can see shadows on the ground before snapping.

We have been blessed with good weather on our travels. Our only day on Macau was a rainy day, and we spent some of it searching for a shop that sold umbrellas, and finding expensive antique furniture, delicious Portugese food, postcards to make up for the lack of photo ops, and FINALLY umbrellas. We wound up ducking through puddles and wearing the throw-away raincoats during our three days in Florence, Italy with off-and-on rain. Consequently, we have very few pictures from that gorgeous city.

And then there were these:


A foggy day on Dingle Peninsula
A foggy day on Dingle Peninsula, Ireland


Foggy Streets in Chicago
Foggy Streets in Chicago


Rainy Day at the Louvre
Waiting in line on a Rainy Day at the Louvre, Paris


Multiple waterfalls at Doubtful Sound on a rainy day.
Multiple waterfalls at New Zealand's Doubtful Sound on a rainy day.


New York Skyline from Liberty Island on a rainy day
New York Skyline from Liberty Island on a rainy day


These photos are my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. I want to thank Budget Traveler’s Sandbox for sponsoring Travel Photo Thursday. You can see her photos and the photos of many travel writers by going to Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Click on the name of a contributor to see his or her pictures.

These photos are all my property, so please do not copy without express permission.  The photo of Doubtful Sound is a scanned image, and therefore not as high quality as the digitals.

Have you captured some photos you love on days that seem NOT to be optimal for photography?

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25 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: A Foggy Day

  1. I always love fog photos! It’s always easy to think they are going to come out badly (and often i feel that way), but I love the moody feeling of the photographs. It’s a sight that we often neglect.

  2. I really like the lighting that fog often provides to a photo. Thanks for the great reminder! The Chicago photo with the lightposts (?) is lovely.

  3. I love foggy & rainy day photos!! I think they tell so much more of a story!

    Have a great weekend! Would love to have you link up with us over at R We There Yet Mom’s Friday Daydreamin’ if you have a chance!

    1. Becca, thanks for the invitation, and I’m pondering whether I want to make another commitment. I realize that some people use the same post for both Thursday and Friday, so maybe it would be doable. I’m thinking.

  4. What a great collection of fog and rain. The Chicago and NY ones are awesome. We actually do put our cameras away during these conditions but seeing these, we’ll have to think twice next time. Thanks!

  5. I like the Dingle shot. I’m a bit amazed by how many photos of Ireland I’ve been coming across lately. And that’s got nothing to do with St. Patty’s Day earlier in the month.

  6. I find fog so interesting. It just seems to creep and seep everywhere! We have hills by my house and I love to see the fog creepy over the ridge. Its like fingers trying to climb over the top. Enjoyed you less than perfect days!

  7. Great minds, Vera …. I just happened to focus on rainy days for my Travel Photo Thursday submission this week! Love your pics, especially the one of Chicago — very cool.

  8. Good point! I tend to leave my camera inside when the weather is bad… your pics are fun, so that inspires me to get it out more as well.

  9. Love the Chicago shot; great composition and the laterns (or whatever they are) make a very good contrast to the fog!

    btw: I’ve got the same shot from the Doubtful Sounds… 😉

    1. The Chicago shot shows art deco lighting on a building. So glad you liked it. And, ah, yes, Doubtful Sound. You actually WANT a rainy day there, so that the waterfalls will be running. I hope your photo is better quality than my old print photo.

    1. Inside Journeys: Glad you like them. In these cases, the weather didn’t spoil the travel, although I’ll admit I would rather be DRY when I get inside the Louvre!

  10. I think you’re doing well with your misty day shots, Vera, these are lovely. thanks for letting us share your travels through them.

    mist and fog and rain are my favorite circumstances for making photographs, but I realize it’s not for everyone. glad you enjoyed the shot of Ireland in that post, and thanks for the shout out.
    I see the changing aspects of that mountain every day when I am in Ireland and often walk it, it’s close to home.

    1. Thanks for the complement Kerry. And I have to admit that two of these photos rank among my all=time favorites. What a lovely place for you to have a home in Ireland. Reminds me very much of the farmhouse setting where we stayed on the Dingle peninsula.

    1. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh, Michael. But you sell you sell yourself short. I love your photos for taking me to out of the way corners of Europe.

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