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Today I’m going to the dentist. And I’m kind of hoping that the dentist will be running late.  Not because I’m afraid of her–it’s just a cleaning, after all–but because I want to do some reading  from Google Currents while I wait.

Have you heard of Google Currents?

A Traveler's Library home page on Currents
A Traveler's Library home page on Currents

If you have an i-Pad or i-Phone or an Android phone, Google Currents allows you to read magazines and blogs–including A Traveler’s Library right on your device. Think of it as your own personal library for magazines and blogs–a reading room to go.

What’s more, it is formatted to look good on whatever device you are using. The pictures are bright and clear and you can enlarge them for a better view.  The links work just as though you are reading on your desktop or laptop.

I’m particularly excited about the possibilities because I own an Android and frequently these new aps come out just for the i-devices.When I added Currents to my Android phone, it came with free subscriptions ready if I wanted them–Saveur, Forbes, Fast Company, and The Daily Beast.  I added my friend Donna’s blog, My Itchy Travel Feet and am currently exploring other blogs and magazines.

Since the whole thing is free, and you get to choose exactly what reading material you want from some very good choices–like A Traveler’s Library–you can’t lose.

If you like to have a little something to read while you’re waiting in the dentist’s office, or waiting to pick the kids up from school, or taking a break from work*, Click here.

*My son told me about an interesting on-line conversation he was engaged in about whether people should surf the net during work hours.  He was surprised to learn that most people thought it was going to happen, right or wrong, because although employees can monitor computers, they cannot monitor cell phones and other personal electronic devices, and those are used more heavily than desktops or laptops these days. Food for thought. And another reason to put your favorite blog on your cell phone or i-device.

Please let me know if you decide to subscribe to Currents or not. Do you like it? If not, what are your objections?

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