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Spain Week

When we went to Spain, we spent several days taking short road trips into the mountains above the Costa del Sol, returning to a condo on the beach each evening. On our Spain road trip, we drove through beautiful national forest land, down into valleys and back up again, wondering why the Spanish had never discovered the use of tunnels through mountains. I have been sorting through old slides, but today I’m only going to share one picture–with two views–of a mountain scene along the road.

There's a goat in that tree
There’s a goat in that tree


We definitely did a double take when we saw this sight. A quick u-turn and we tried to get a picture before the goat was spooked. Because of the terrain, we couldn’t get much closer, and the old camera’s zoom certainly was not as effective as today’s digital.  But here’s a second view–cropped with Picasa–so you can do your own double-take.

Yep! The goat is actually IN the tree.
Yep! The goat is actually IN the tree.

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26 thoughts on “Travel Photos: Surprise in Spain

  1. This must be a mountain goat, they climb everywhere. But I’ve never seen one in a tree. It’s good that you were able to double back and take the shot.

  2. Ha! The goat in the tree is hysterical. I saw one like that in Morocco. And his owner was at the bottom of the argan tree trying to coax him down. We drove by it so fast I couldn’t get a shot. It that one photo I will always regret not getting.

    1. Yeah,Chrissy, even though we didn’t very close, I was very glad we got this photo out of the hundreds of photos that have “gotten away.”

    1. For Sabrina and all the others who wondered, I can only theorize that the leaves of the tree are tasty. Someone on Facebook sent me a picture of one tree with about a dozen goats in it. Had I seen it before I saw this goat in real life, I probably would not have believed it. But I DID see this with my own eyes.

  3. Was that goat scared? Was it part of some elaborate goat-hazing ritual?

    We must know the answers! That would be an interesting recon mission : collect some jamon, queso, and vino, and munch and sip, while pointing a bunch of cameras at that very same scene.

    What must the goats make of the bipeds then? 🙂

    1. Hi Henry: Love the photos on your site! I hope readers here will visit you.
      I don’t think goats have a “scared” setting–they seem to do everything with wild abandon. Love your idea of a recon–we were far from the nearest town, and I’m afraid by the time we’d gathered the jamon and queso the goat would have been off to greener pastures (or trees)

  4. So cute!…laughing here.

    I love Spain, and was mesmerized by the countryside when I took the train and the long distance bus.

    1. You’re welcome, Becca. I probably won’t be there every week, because I’m a bit overwhelmed with the things I’m already doing, but happy to share on request.

  5. Love it! I did a double take when I first looked at your photo. I wander how she/he got up there – LOL. Great photo!

  6. That is hysterical! Makes you want to know how he got in there!!!!

    I would love it if you’d like to link up to Friday Daydreamin this week – this is such a fun post!

  7. it’s been my experience that goats can — and will — climb anything, but then again, seeing one in a tree instead of up on an impossibly high mountain gives things a whole new perspective. I’ll bet you did do a double take — and glad you were able to make a photo to remember it by and share with us.

    1. Gee, I thought you had seen everything on your hikes! Now you have a goal in life–to to the White Villages area in southern Spain and find a goat in a tree.

  8. Wow!I haven’t known that goats can climb on the trees! That must be a spider-goat or something like that! There are some really strange animals in Spain…

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