Travel Photos: French Connections

As I thumb through my photos of France, I realize that there are some places we visited that are closely connected to other places in the same country. Here are some French Connections:

The artist Delacroix, known particularly for paintings that glorified the French Revolution, lived in several different apartments in Paris. But his museum is in the place where he lived and painted just a couple of blocks from the apartment we stayed in. I put off going there, until our very last day in Paris, but was very glad that I visited.

Courtyard of Delacroix house
The courtyard of Delacroix house takes you back to the mid 1800’s

Delacroix memorabilia in his apartment
Delacroix palette and brushes in his studio

And the connection–at the Louvre.

Delacroix's Liberty
Delacroix’s Liberty at the Louvre

Marie Antoinette, held prisoner in her palace in Paris, walked in the Tulieres, the royal gardens, now enjoyed by everyone–particularly kids taking pony cart rides.

Pony carts in the Tuileries
Pony carts in the Tuileries

But there were worse days ahead, when she was held in the notorious prison that you can now visit at the Concergerie on the Il de Cité. Life-like exhibits show a soldier guarding the Queen who has the privacy of a small screen.

Marie Antoniette's cell/guard recreated at Concergerie
Marie Antoniette’s cell/guard recreated at Concergerie

Victor Hugo wrote the Hunchback of Notre Dame in order to draw the French people’s attention to the need to preserve the most glorious cathedral. When we visited his home, we discovered that he not only wrote, but he made furniture as well.  He made this intricate writing desk, for example.

Writing Table designed by Victor Hugo
Writing Table designed by Victor Hugo

And here is one of the dozens of shots we took of Notre Dame of Paris.

Notre Dame from the Seine
Notre Dame from the Seine

Next week I will share the most exciting connection of all–a painter’s garden and his special museum in Paris.

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(All photos here belong to me and I appreciate your respect for my copyright.)

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  1. wow- I loved the desk Victor Hugo made. Excellent! What great pictures- I’m afraid when I was in Paris- I didn’t just soak in and enjoy Paris- was too busy making sure we ‘got on with our journey’- the Eiffel Tower was one of our enjoyments- and then my friend wanted to shop shop shop (and I don’t like it)- so that wasn’t pleasant- I want to go back and explore more …these pics have made me want more.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how multi talented some people are – thinking of Victor Hugo here. Interesting cross section of places you mention. Delacroix’s palette looks like a piece of art in itself.

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