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Texas Road SignFor non American-speakers, I might have to explain the pun, here. Let me just say that on our Texas road trip we did not drive “clean across” Texas, we only drove up the center, shunning freeways on Route 281, through Texas Hill Country from San Antonio to Ft. Worth. (But since we did not litter, I guess you could say we drove “clean” across Texas.)

And what a terrific drive it is! The delightful small towns along the way, the German heritage, the food! From the home of a former President to a night in a B & B that used to be a stone barn, we saw a wonderful slice of America. The LBJ boyhood home has been refurbished just like when LBJ was a boy, and his beloved ranch on the Pedernales stands nearby. I was fortunate to visit again (after this Texas road trip) when the bluebells were in bloom, and it was easy to see why LBJ loved the hill country of Texas.

Lyndon Johnson Ranch
Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch on the Pedernales. The “Western White House”

Our first stop after Fredericksburg and Johnson City was at Marble Falls–on the Colorado River.

River view from River City Cafe, Marble Falls TX
River view from River City Cafe, Marble Falls TX

One of the more unique B & Bs we have stayed in–Airy Mount B & Brooms (we had the French room) are in an old stone barn–but there is nothing rustic about the ornate decor.

Breakfast table in the stone barn, Airy Mount B & B, Burnet TX
Breakfast table in the stone barn, Airy Mount B & B, Burnet TX

Although we had an ample breakfast, when we saw the town square of Lampasas and spotted Eve’s Cafe, we decided to stop for another cup of tea.

Lampasas TX
Lampasas TX

Eve’s Cafe on the courthouse square in Lampasas was another delightful serendipity. Deep in the German heart of the hill country, they serve German Meals and pastries. Their collection of marionettes hangs from the ceiling, and their website includes directions from nearby towns AND from Germany!

Ken and the clown, Eve's Cafe,Lampasas TX
Ken and the clown marionette, Eve’s Cafe,Lampasas TX

Hico Texas is noted for being the home of Billy the Kid, however a friend had tipped us off to a more appealing attraction: CHOCOLATE. Wiseman Househand-crafted chocolates induce drools in a beautiful Queen Anne House in the center of town.

Hico, TX Chocolate Heaven
Hico, TX Chocolate Heaven

Every county seat–and they come thick and fast–in hill country centers around its limestone, hulking courthouse. The square surrounding the courthouse is public gathering place, shopping mecca and a place to find the best regional food. Here’s our stop in Granbury.

On the courthouse square in Granbury TX
On the courthouse square in Granbury TX
Granbury Court House
Granbury Court House

Babe’sis just OFF the courthouse square in Granbury, but what would a Texas trip be with a meal of fried chicken, biscuits and coleslaw served in paper containers on a trestle table in a barn of a place?

Babe's Fried Chicken Dinners, Granbury TX
Babe’s Fried Chicken Dinners, Granbury TX

On our way back south from Ft. Worth, we took to the freeway and stopped to see friends in Georgetown, Texas,a more sophisticated big sister of all those small towns we had passed through earlier. Here in their downtown courthouse square that is packed with Victorian building, we ate at the County Seat Cafe, where they serve the real regional “Texas Cuisine.”

Restaurant in Georgetown, TX
County Seat Restaurant in Georgetown, TX

Our Texas Hill Country road trip is just ONE example of a regional road trip in the United States. If you missed our road trip around the U.S., you can start with this list of road trip reading and movies. Now be sure to read about the Road Trip across America via regional food in Brette Sember’s Tasty Travels article..right below this. This post is my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. To see many photos from around the world, go on over to Budget Traveler’s Sandbox and see who has contributed this week. All the photos here are my own. Please respect my copyright.

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21 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: TX Road Trip

  1. I’d love to drive clean across Texas — or up the center! I’ve cut across the Panhandle several times, but need to experience more road trips in that big state. I’d especially enjoy visiting LBJ’s boyhood home and see the hill country.

    1. Cathy: I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d love the LBJ childhood home and the ranch–particularly since LBJ himself was not exactly a lovable character.

  2. I love back roads, and this definitely looks like a trip worth taking. I’ve never even been close to Texas, so it’s great to see what it has to offer. I must say LBJ’s ranch is a beauty. I would love to try REAL “Texas cuisine” 🙂

  3. Texas is indeed a country unto itself. I wonder if you’ve ever been to the Story of Texas Museum in Austin, Vera? worth a trip in its own right, really, but hey, it’s in Austin… which is also a country unto itself.
    also, you mention the German cuisine and the fried chicken, but I wonder if you tried Czech food? strong Czech community in the Hill country, which is not something many people know about.
    lovely photographs and story, thanks.

    1. Kerry: I have not been to Austin, but we did have some great pastries that I believe were from a Czech bakery–but I’m a little hazy on which mittel European country….

  4. Never been to Texas, but it has been my impression that one can only see deserts there, or cowboys. hehe Nice to see it’s more than that!

  5. Where ever you take a road trip, it’s great advice to get off the main roads.Imagine what you would have missed! It’s a drive I probably wouldn’t do, so it’s great to see the country through you eyes.

    1. Jenny: I am curious why you say its a drive you probably wouldn’t do. Since you write about food, the German-influenced food in this area is delicious and worthy of attention. Texas is not all barbeque.

  6. You had me at handcrafted chocolate. This looks like a wonderful road trip. LBJ’s home and those bluebells would be such a treat to see and explore. I like this more relaxed part of Texas.

  7. I love exploring backroads and did a trip in west Texas last year that provided similar results. This one sounds like something I’d very much enjoy doing. Thanks for the idea.

  8. These photos bring back a lot of good memories! A few years ago, I also drove through Texas, and I remember being so charmed by a lot of the small towns. It’s not really what you expect when you go to Texas, particularly if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic in Houston!

    1. I agree, Margaret. I had heard so much about the hill country, and couldn’t get the wide open ranch country out of my mind, so was totally surprised by the beauty to be found here.

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