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Gull Pond, Wellfleet
Gull Pond, Wellfleet, photo by Alexandra Grabbe

Destination: Cape Cod Book: Wellfleet, An Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town  by Alexandra Grabbe (NEW e-book, June 2012)

“My blog turned into a daily hymn to the natural beauty of Outer Cape Cod.” Prologue, Wellfleet

Many, many years ago–I shudder to think how long it has been–I planned a complicated summer trip. In the first three legs of the trip,  Ken and our three boys and I flew to Ohio, where we joined his parents and sister and drove first to Boston, and then to Cape Cod.  The summer trip to the Cape was memorable in so many ways. The beauty of the National Seashore with dunes rolling down to the cold Atlantic waves. The sense of history (Pilgrims came ashore right here to explore! Some of them our ancestors!). An authentic clam bake put on by the local American Legion, where we Ohioans suffered culture shock learning the ways of a community clam bake. With borrowed plastic forks and knives, we ate the number one best meal we have ever had anywhere on our travels.  Cape Cod is simply magical in the summer time.

Alexandra Grabbe
Alexandra Grabbe

When I became acquainted with Alexandra Grabbe, I began to learn about the magic of Cape Cod in all seasons.  As with Donna Hull’s book, My Itchy Travel Feet, Breathtaking Travel Adventure Ideas, this e-book on Wellfleet grew out of a blog. Alexandra and her husband are hosts at Chez Sven, a B & B created in her parents’ former home in Wellfleet. But Grabbe doesn’t stop with just her blog posts. She has added an enormous amount of material to the short pieces she had previously written about her hometown on the Cape.  And I can’t think of a more perfect guide than an environmentally sensitive innkeeper who knows the town inside out. I am a sucker for learning about the history of the place, and while Alexandra has mentioned historic events from time to time on her blog, she devotes a fascinating chapter to the history of Wellfleet, including a bit about those Pilgrims I was related to.  Wellfleet even had its short time of fame when the first wireless message was broadcast from Marconi’s sending station in South Wellfleet. And surely,since the readers of A Traveler’s Library appreciate reading material, we will all dig into the book recommendations at the end of sections. With the book Wellfleet on your Kindle or I-Pad, you’ll know all the interesting sights to see, and with Grabbe as your guide, you’ll know the why and who and how behind those sights–from Uncle Tim’s Bridge (where she and Sven got married) to places to collect seashells.  She describes each of the five beaches of Wellfleet and their individual personalities. If you’re a real beach aficionado, you know that beaches develop like small communities and tend to attract like-minded people–family groups, college kids, wanderers and adventurers–all seek out their own special beach. Grabbe also describes the personalities of the ponds that surround the town, including the one pictured at the top of this page, Gull Pond. That photo, with its gorgeous deep color is just a sample of the many stunning photographs in this e-book. The book is complete with appendices that lists restaurants and other necessities of life and traveling.You will find one thing you don’t usually see in a guidebook–a glimpse at the civic life of Wellfleet, along with a strong message that once you’ve visited, you’ll want to stay. See more about Grabbe’s new book in this article in the “Wicked Local” section of the Provincetown Banner. Wellfleet, An Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town is available wherever you usually buy your e-books, but if you want a single source, go to  Alexandra Grabbe’s website, Wellfleet Today.  From there you can get the book in whatever form you like.  And remember, even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can still read e-books with a FREE Kindle app for your computer, or for your smart phone. Grabbe’s enthusiasm for the town of Wellfleet, makes me want to get right back to Cape Cod tout de suite. Have you been to Cape Cod? To Wellfleet? Share your favorite travel moments in the comments below. I bought this book myself, for my computer Kindle app, but Alexandra provided the beautiful picture of Gull Pond. Please respect her copyright.  Links here to Amazon are for your convenience, but since I am an Amazon Associate, I will receive a few cents commission on anything you buy. Since it does not cost you any more, why not support A Traveler’s Library by doing your Amazon shopping through my links?

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  1. Alexandra’s is another blog I follow. She is a smart writer with a global sense of style and travel. I would love to visit and stay at her inn sometime. I’m enjoying this ebook alot.

  2. This also sounds like a beautiful read. I’m a little behind on my travel reading, but plan to catch up soon and have added this to my must-read list.

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