Capturing the Travel Seasons

Travel never goes out of season.  When Nancie over at Budget Traveler’s Sandbox challenged me to a contest to pick photos that indicate the seasons, I was happy to wander through my archives.  This is my entry in‘s “Capture the Season”–more about the contest at the bottom of this article.


I realize it is fall when I see pumpkins and chrysanthemums. And at the Albuquerque Biological Park one autumn, they had a spectacular display.

Chrysanthemums, Pumpkins and a Pick-up at Albuquerque Biological Park
Sitting amidst the mums. Albuquerque Biological Park

I only realize it is winter when I see snow, even though I live in a place where we rarely get snow. I grew up in a state where winter was serious business–stay-inside-by-the-fire business. But now I live in desert country, so have to travel to snow. I call this Virginia photo, “Pull up a chair and snow a while.”

Virginia Snowstorm
Virginia Snowstorm

I realize it is spring when I see  irises–wild irises are the best.  Every since I marveled at the beauties poking up between stern gray Medieval stonework in a Frankish castle in Crete, wild irises set my hear racing.  These are from the Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Wild Irises in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Wild Irises in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I realize it is summer when I feel hot sand under my toes and salty water swishing around my legs. Summer means the sea. A hammock doesn’t hurt. And the Caribbean would be nice. How about St. Lucia?

Hammock on the beach, St. Lucia
Beach, sea, hammock, Caribbean Island


And, readers, do you have a favorite season? How do you know for sure when it has arrived?



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29 thoughts on “Capturing the Travel Seasons

  1. Beautiful, lovely. I would love to also see the same spot in all four seasons (another post!) but here the colors are lovely, the photos compelling.

    1. That’s a great idea, Merr — the same spot in four seasons. In southern Arizona, you have to train your eye to see the difference. However, in Virginia (the site of the snow scene), it would be pretty obvious.

  2. Beautiful pictures and selection, Vera! i would love to be in that hammock by the beach right now. My favorite would have to be the Fall shot. I love seeing mums everywhere. My favorite season has to be Spring and around here in San Diego we know it’s here when the Carlsbad Flower fields open.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. I didn’t get to the ocean this summer and I always miss it. Had I gone, it would have been the San Diego area, but I’ve never seen the Carlsbad flower fields. There used to be fields and fields of Japanese flower gardens on the south side of Phoenix, but now its all tract homes and strip malls.

  3. That snow picture is my favorite. Growing up in Texas, I’ve seen snow just a few times in my life, so I end up romanticizing it. They’re all lovely shots.

    1. Thank you, Michele. I guess you put your finger on why I had so much photographing the beauty of snow. Since I haven’t lived in snow country for many decades, I can now see the beauty of it. By the way, congratulations on your blog. Its a beauty, and I look forward to seeing more of your travels.

  4. Love all of these shots Vera! The winter scene (and I am not a winter person) is gorgeous. If that chair could speak, I wonder what it would say?

    1. Nancie: Thanks so much. I had not seen snow like that for years. Virginia just happened to have a blizzard while I was visiting my sister outside of Richmond. So I waded in and snapped away. I think the chair would say, “Brrrrr!”

    1. Jane, I like snow this way. When I can just LOOK at it. I had way too much my last winter in Ohio, and that is a large reason we moved to southern Arizona. It was nice for a novelty, but I did not have to shovel it, drive through it, or deal with the muck when it starts melting.

  5. Well done job of capturing those seasons. . .even more impressive knowing what a sunny climate you live in. Another reason for travel, right? Beautifully captured seasons!

    1. And, Kristen, you live in a great place for fall. Northern Ohio is gorgeous. Be sure to drive down to Holmes County and maybe to the Hocking Hills. Although I saw in your photo with your Mad Men Kitchen article that you have woods right out the back door–with probably lots of leaves changing.

  6. Great selection! And I can totally agree with your definition of the seasons. Can’t believe that first picture is from ABQ. Beautiful. Maybe I need to plan fall trip there 🙂

    1. Sabrina: I can’t guarantee you’ll get a lot of fall views in Albuquerque, but that was certainly a stunning display at the Botanical Garden, wasn’t it?

    1. It was a great day for good captures, I had a fence line shot I loved, with little caps on the fenceposts. And a view out a window through a piece of Irish lace that looks like a snowflake itself, and then there was the cat……

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