Look! There I am!

If I’m not here? Where am I?

This week, I’m popping up on two different websites.

Busby Berkeley number in GolddiggersFind out who I love in Classic Movies this month over at Reel Life With Jane.

Hint:  He remade the Hollywood Musical.







Did you ever wonder how A Traveler’s Library got started? So did Irene Levine. So she asked me in an interview at her great travel blog, More Time for Travel. She even got me to list some of my favorite travel books and tell what movie made we wind up here:

Chocolate makes me smile in Bruges
So where am I and what signature food of that place am I indulging in?

Meanwhile, at A Traveler’s Library, in case you missed this exciting week, I wrote about a non-fiction travel memoir with a difference, and the fictional saga of a Monk with culture shock–both of which will help travelers to Japan. Look back a couple of posts.

Then Pamela Webster came by with an intriguing book about a woman taking a cross country journey with her dog. Wait a minute, aren’t those road trips usually all-male affairs? Move over Steinbeck.

And I shared four photos that remind me of change of season, even when I’m not at home in Arizona. Especially when I’m not home in Arizona, where the season really resists changing. What’s your favorite season?

More excitement ahead with three incredible new novels next week (one is short-listed for the Booker Prize) that will take us to Cairo and Alexandria; Niger; and Malaysia. How exotic can you get? If you haven’t subscribed yet, do consider signing up so you don’t miss anything. 
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