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SPAIN WEEK at A Traveler’s Library

Since this is Spain Week at A Traveler’s Library, I thought I’d review some of the best books we have talked about at A Traveler’s Library for the traveler to Spain, in case you missed them the first time around.

Ribera, Barcelona, Spain
Ribera, Barcelona. Photograph from Dominic Martell’s website

BARCELONA: Lying Crying Dying by Dominic MartellI said, ” Lying, Crying, Dying is a very satisfactory action and chase novel. Pascual an engaging character you’ll want to read more about, and the city a character in the novel that you’ll want to get to know.” Read More.




Book Cover: A Valley Wide by Alexis BrownIBIZA (in the 1960’s): A Valley Wide by Alexa Brown. I said, “Each chapter subtly focuses on a different factor in their lives and the life of the people–food, fishing, friends, art, festivals, agriculture and more. The writing is graceful and interesting as Brown introduces us to the life of natives who live around them and to new friends among visitors to the valley.” Read More.

Prado Museum at night, Madrid Spain
Prado Museum at night, Madrid Spain


MADRID: All Men Are Liars by Alberto Manguel. My description: “Complex, intriguing, mysterious, intellectual, playful.”  Read More.


Mª AgustinaCOSTA BRAVA (in the 1950’s): Voices of the Old Sea by Norman Lewis. I said, “In Voices of the Old Sea, though, Lewis is not presenting a guide to the landscape so much as an almost anthropological view of a culture and the effects of change.” Read more.

Seville Plaza de Espana
Seville Plaza de Espana

SEVILLE: Hidden Assassins by Robert Wilson. Robert Wilson provides an excellent guide to Seville and its life, in his four mystery novels set in that city. My thought, “Wilson explores the  insecurities and quirks of characters alongside the solving of larger crimes. He writes psychological crime novels where not only the criminal is disturbed. ”
Read more.


RURAL (Near GRANADA) SPAIN: In Read These Books, Just Don’t Go There, I reviewed Driving Over Lemons, the first book in a trilogy. Read more

GRANADA: Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving. Many books I review make me put a place on my wish list. This one altered my travel plans. I wrote, “Moonlight illuminates tile walls and stone lions that are more than 600 years old. The light peoples the walls of the Alhambra with romantic ghosts.  Washington Irving knew the evocative power of moonlight.” Read more.

We discussed two books this week at A Traveler’s Library,:

SPAIN: Room With a Pew by Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt Non religious couple take a road trip and stay in monasteries. Read the reviewhere.

SEVILLE: Dancing in the Fountain by Karen McCann. Graceful and funny writing about the expat life. Read the review here.

Jane Boursaw and I have talked about a couple of movies set in Spain.

CAMINO DE SANTIAGO: The Way with Martin Sheen. See Jane’s review here.

SOUTHERN SPAIN: The Sun Also Rises. Hemingway’s classic. See the review here.

Previously, I wrote  What I Learned About Italy, and Five Things About France, reviewing the best of the books  that have been reviewed at A Traveler’s Library on Italy and France. I hope you’ll take a look at those lists, and since I compiled it, I would add the magnificent Midwife of Venice, and the interview of the author of P.O. Box Love (Milan). I have written copiously about France, so if one of your favorites does not show up on the “Five Things” list, do a search in the search box on the right side of this page.

What is your favorite book set in Spain? Or by a Spanish writer? I would love to have your suggestions for titles that cover areas we have not yet ventured into.

Disclaimers appear on the original pages for each of these books, including the photos from those pages.  I did not link to Amazon with these titles, but hope that if you intend to shop at Amazon, you will support A Traveler’s Library by going there through a link from this site. Doesn’t cost you anything, and helps us pay the rent.


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