Hot Days: Hot Jazz

Travel Photo Thursday

Over attravelFREAK, I wrote about my hot experience in the Caribbean, on hot May Days, during the hot St. Lucia Jazz Festival. Did I mention it was hot??

St. Lucia Music School
Mural at the St. Lucia Music School


St. Lucia shore
View from Ft. Rodney on Pigeon Island, the site of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival


Main Stage at St. Lucia Jazz Festival
Main Stage at St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Pigeon Island


Colorful crowd at Main Stage
Jazz Festival packs ’em in
St. Lucia Jazz festivl
St. Lucia Jazz Festival native guitarist Boo HInkson



Shopping at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival fashions
St. Lucia Jazz Festival food
Jazz Festival food. Each island community serves up food.


Jazz Festival food booths
Cannot live by music alone.


Music on the beach at St. Lucia
And when we return to East Winds Inn, the music continues with a Steel Drum band on the beach.


These photos from St. Lucia are my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday.  See more photos from around the world at Budget Traveler’s Sandbox.  All photos are my property. Please respect my copyright.

To read the story behind the photos, don’t miss my article Island Music: the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, at travelFREAK.

See you tomorrow at the big party at A Traveler’s Library!

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14 thoughts on “Hot Days: Hot Jazz

  1. It looks like everyone was having a great time. Good music, good food; what more could you ask for? Oh yes, and the heat and sunshine 🙂

    1. Yep. You got it. Hot. But then I imagine you’re used to that kind of hot. (I bought a hot yellow t-shirt to remind me of the sun on that day.)

    1. Yes, Jan, the food was great. I was berating myself, though for not having notes about exactly WHAT was being served. Guess I was too busy eating!

  2. St. Luica is one of the islands my son has in his sights for a destination wedding – but in November so it shouldn’t be quite as hot.I don’t do hot really well but a jazz festival would be fun.

    1. I highly recommend the beautiful grounds of East Winds Inn for a wedding! And for a honeymoon, there are so many gorgeous resorts it is hard to choose.

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