A Valentine Gift for You

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Travel Photo Thursday

Before it is too late, I wanted to get you a little something for Valentine’s day. How about some flowers from Arizona?


This has been my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. The round up of travel photos is sponsored by Nancie over at Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. You can click on that link to see photos from around the world.

Did anyone else give you a Valentine’s Day gift?

Photo credits–all of these photos are my own, and I appreciate your respect for my copyright.

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13 thoughts on “A Valentine Gift for You

  1. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Vera. I have special affection for cacti – especially those in Arizona. Long story involving my family. Enough to say that I love your photos. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  2. I agree with jan…I thought it was a reclining woman as wel!!.I do love the flowers on cacti bushes. The fact that they can survive in the dry heat and still have such wonderful blooms is nature at its best.

  3. These are great and truly reminds me of Arizona. I love cacti in bloom. I totally see what Jan is talking about 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. I am a Flickr friend that lives in your part of the world, and I love seeing her images from your corner of the world. The flowers on these desert plants are amazing. Thanks for dropping by my blog today and for your comments.There are camera specific bags. I will try and find a link for you.

  5. Jan may have started a trend. . .I’d just started to write when I saw her comment and I went back and sure enough, I could see it. Don’t you love the power of suggestion? Thanks for the Valentine flowers – they are beautiful.

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