Snow, Snow, Snow and more Snow

Travel Photo Thursday

Well, I actually had something else in mind, but in case you didn’t hear, we had a blizzard in Tucson yesterday, so I just had to post a few snow pictures.

From the GREAT Tucson Blizzard of 2013:

Here’s my Facebook status from yesterday afternoon:

Well, the great Tucson blizzard of ’13 is finally over. Thank GOD we had stocked up on bottled water and Pringles and instant cocoa. Because the snow fell for TWO HOURS! And it piled up to — well it actually didn’t pile up–it melted–but that white stuff kept falling down and it COULD have piled up to–an inch, at least. But the WORST part is–it is going to be at LEAST SIX DAYS before the temperature gets over the 60’s and back in the 70’s. I’m telling you–a lot of tans are going to suffer.

And here’s what it looked like.

Snowing at home Feb 2013
The street in front of my house.

WHAT? You can’t see those snowflakes?  How about this?

Snow in Tucson
Snow on the mailbox in Tucson, February 2013

Well, yes, people from Tucson do exaggerate about the weather and I DO know what REAL snow looks like. Here’s Virginia.

Snow in Virginia
On my sister’s front porch in Virginia, January 2010


This one somehow makes me think of Robert Frost.


Snow in Virginia
The no-drive driveway in Virginia.

And here I am in Tennessee in November 2012.

Snow in Tennessee
The path to Clingman Dome in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee, November 2012


In December of 2011, we drove to Window Rock for the Navajo Christmas festival.

Snow on the Navajo Reservation
Window Rock, AZ, Navajo Reservation, Motel view, December 2011
Snow in northern Arizona
Snow along I-40, in northern AZ

Okay, that is quite enough of that!  I’m going to have a cup of hot chocolate. What do you do when it snows?

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13 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Snow and more Snow

  1. Oh poor Vera, I hope you have recovered you tan by now 🙂
    I love watching snow fall from the window. It such a beautiful and calming sight — that is until I wake to the reality that I have to help my husband shovel!
    Your photo of the snow in northern AZ looks divine.

  2. Your Facebook post made me laugh as did this one! Snow in Tucson is as rare as in Seattle. We make it a party in our neighborhood (especially if wind or the weight of the snow pulls down power lines) The neighbors gather and drink wine together and if anyone has a source of heat, we might even heat a pot of soup to share.

  3. I used to live in Utah and enjoyed the snow, especially around Christmas!

    Nothing beats a beautiful snowy evening, snow piling up, large, fluffy flakes floating to the ground, and the peace that accompanies such evenings!

    Now that I live in Northern California, I don’t get those snowy days and nights anymore.

    Guess I’ll have to take a trip to Tahoe to get that!

  4. As I have only ever seen snow falling once, I can honestly say “I take photographs when I see it snowing”! I have seen snow more often but not it actually falling.

  5. Snow, snow, snow! Wow! I, too, am glad you were stocked up on your bottled water and Pringles and instant cocoa! I like that! 😀

  6. Where was your shovel hiding? I’m Canadian 🙂 When it snows I make snow angels. Truth, I hate snow, and have been lucky enough to spend all of my recent winters in a tropical country. I am going back to Korea on Monday, which is not a tropical country. This time next week I’ll be whining about the cold, but hopefully NOT about any snow 🙂

  7. I’m so sorry, Vera. It’s tough to send you any sympathy from here in CT. But I must say, I was quite surprised to hear of the snow in Tucson! Now, go out and shovel those flakes!

  8. Hahaha, this is a good one, Vera!
    Two hours? I’m thinking, that’s nothing! But I forget this is Tucson. Glad you had your supplies. I’m sure that hot chocolate is exactly what the doctor ordered. Enjoy!

  9. At least it doesn’t look like you had to shovel. I can spend hours shoveling – between sidewalks, decks and a driveway and keep telling myself how many calories I’m burning off. I bet it’s drop dead gorgeous once the sun comes out.

  10. When it snows here in the San Francisco Bay Area I jump for joy like a giddy little child 🙂 Then I start complaining about how cold it is and go inside to have hot chocolate like you!

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