Travel to NYC for Travel Photo Thursday

Over at Ancestors in Aprons, I’m trying to track down houses in New York where my Great Uncle lived during the Gilded Age. That got me thinking about my own trips to NYC, and I thought I’d devote Travel Photo Thursday to a few shots of New York. Some of these are repeats that I have used in other articles, but I can’t help it. I like them. So there.


Liberty from Ellis Island Museum
Liberty from Ellis Island Museum, New York City

New York Skyline from Liberty Island on a rainy day
New York Skyline from Liberty Island on a rainy day


Associated Press Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan
A.P. Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan


NYC Break DAncers
Break Dancers in front of Metropolitan Museum


NYC Central Park
Central Park


NYC Central Park Boathouse
Boathouse Restaurant, Central Park


NYC Cheesecake Heaven
Cheesecake Heaven


I have had a long love affair with NYC, and as I write about my ancestors over at Ancestors in Aprons, I wonder if I didn’t grow up idealizing their life in New York and yearning to recreate it.

This has been my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. For more travel photos, go to Budget Traveler’s Sandbox, where it all started (TPT, that is.)

All of these photos are my property, whether they are watermarked or not. If you want to reuse them, be aware that they belong to me, but if you make a request, we can usually work something out.

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8 thoughts on “Travel to NYC for Travel Photo Thursday

  1. I’ve had a love affair with NYC, too — for years before I ever went there and ever since no matter how often I visit. I never get tired of seeing photos like these that remind me of great times.

  2. The thought of your ancestors having lived in NYC would definitely add another layer of appeal to the city. I loved your Central Park shots because they bring happy memories to mind.

  3. Love your photos, Vera. That second is quintessentially New York.
    Good luck with your search for your great uncle’s house in NY.

  4. What a timely post – I’m headed to New York City tomorrow! A “girls trip,” just for the long weekend. It will be my friend Tammy’s first visit! I’m looking forward to introducing her to some of my favorite spots.
    I’ve never been to the Boathouse in Central Park, but after seeing your photo it’s been added to “the list.” …. The list of things to see and do in Hew York, that never seems to get any shorter. 🙂

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