River Rafting: Grand Adventure in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon view from a raft on the Colorado River
Grand Canyon view from a raft on the Colorado River

I never get tired of talking about our river rafting trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. I loved every thrilling moment of the adventure–racing through the rapids, trying to sleep on a tiny beach with moonlight so bright it kept me awake, hiking up a side canyon along a milky turquoise river that led to a magical waterfall, eating the fantastic food that the river outfitters prepared every night, dipping a t-shirt in the icy river and putting it on to cool off in the super-heated air.

But mostly I’ll never forget the thrill of plunging through Lava Falls, and later standing on the bank and watching the next boat. I realized then that we didn’t just have water splashing in our faces–we were ENTIRELY under water for a short time.  I felt entirely safe with the seasoned river guides taking care of the river rafting navigation around rocks and whirlpools, and have always wanted to find another, even better river to run. Mind you, this is a person who does not consider herself and adventure traveler, saying this.

But guess what?  The river outfitters, called C.R.A.T.E., Colorado River and Trail Expeditions, says I already have seen the BEST river rafting in the country.  Here’s their infographic that explains how river runners rate rapids and where you find the most excitement in the United States. Looks like Utah and Alaska are the main places to go, but Arizona’s Grand Canyon is the crème de la crème.

River Rafting
Infographic used courtesy of C.R.A.T.E.

My trip was with a different company, but all approved river rafting outfitters are going to give you a good experience. Shop around. But put this adventure travel on your bucket list, for sure.


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  1. For the second time I missed the Grand Canyon (when in nearby Las Vegas) and can’t believe I did! Now though I’ve got another idea for when I eventually visit 🙂

    1. Anil! So good to see your type face. A world traveler like you should definitely not miss the Grand Canyon–and see it from the inside out instead of just gazing down from the rim! Now I’m going to be watching you closely to see when you take the plunge.

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