President’s Day

Next Monday on President’s Day, we combine the celebrations for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and throw in the rest of the Presidents as well.  Let’s see what reading and travel opportunities President’s Day holds for readers, music lovers, cooks and travelers.

George Washington
George Washington

Presidents in National Parks

Last year I shared a list of six interesting connections between U. S. Presidents and National Parks.  The company that provides lodging at many of those parks, Xanterra, came out with a new list this year, if you’d like expanded choices.

President Lincoln and Civil War Days

Kerry Dexter shared an album by the folks whose music Ken Burns used with his documentary on the Civil War. And over at my sister site, Ancestors in Aprons, I am currently introducing a Civil War Soldier’s letters each Friday.  On the occasion of the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 1863, you’ll get a surprise if you’re following my ancestor, a private in the Union infantry, Erasmus Anderson’s letters. (That letter will be coming up March 28,2014, but the series started on February 7, 2014 if you want to follow the soldier’s progress.)

Visits to President’s Homes

 Andrew Jackson in Nashville Tennesee.

 Lyndon Johnson’s home in Texas.

 Franklin D. Roosevelt at Campobello, in Canada.

Cook with Presidents

Brette Sember wrote about a book that traces American cuisine to Thomas Jefferson.

Traveling With Presidents

I reviewed a book about the travels of  Thomas Jefferson, with President John Adams along part of the way.   Well, that should keep you busy over this President’s Day weekend!

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