Revisiting Central Park With Literature in MInd

Destination: Central Park, New York City

Book: Central Park (1912), edited by Andrew Blauner


I’ve been seeing pictures of Central Park in the snow–and boy, howdy, has New York had a lot of snow this winter–but I prefer this spring time look.

Central Park
Literature in the park. Shakespeare statue in Central Park


I thought of how I love to visit New York City when I got a press release about new tours of Central Park that will be launched in March.  They promise information on nature, architecture, history or anything else you are interested in.

So how about literature? Well, the photo above is from the Literary Walk section of The Mall, where several statues of literary figures like Shakespeare, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott stand.  If you’re lucky, you can be in New York in the summer and see Shakespeare’s plays performed in the park.

And of course, there’s a book with literary selections set in Central Park. The collection of stories, simply called Central Park, is edited by Andrew Blauner. It contains 7 classic stories and 13  commissioned  for the book.  Now wouldn’t it be fun to follow those writers around the park? And then there are the movies–“When Harry Met Sally,” “Annie Hall,” and on and on. There is simply no end to the possibilities of tours I would like to take in Central Park.

Central Park
Music in the park. A section of The Mall at Central Park.


Central Park Boathouse
Dining in the park. Central Park Boathouse


Central Park Pond
Go Boating on a pond, or watch the ducks, and wonder as Holden Caulfield did, where they go in the winter.


Central Park Zoo.
See the animals. No, the “animals” of the city are not fenced in–that’s the zoo at Central Park.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Dozens of tours are available; subjects, locations, and length vary. Samples can be found below:

  • Welcome Tours: Starting on the perimeter of Central Park, Welcome Tours focus on the general history and design of Central Park as visitors are led through the Park’s gorgeous landscapes to a Conservancy visitor center. This free tour, which is 45 minutes long, is a great introduction to Central Park for a first-time visitor.
  • Premier Tours: These enhanced tours are 90 minutes long, giving visitors a closer look at the Park from a range of insider perspectives, including history, design, and ecology. Tickets start at $15.
  • Custom Tours: Do you want an individualized tour unlike any other? Custom tours are perfect for a small group of people who want to take a tour designed by Central Park Conservancy experts around what interests them most about Central Park. Pricing for custom tours start at $150. Van tours are also available for up to six people.

Learn more about the tours at Central Park Conservancy’s website  for these and also some self-guided tours, it that is more you thing.

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