A Month of Mystery: Quick Trip to Pennsylvania

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Destination: Buck’s County, Pennsylvania

Book: Basil Instinct by Shelley Costa (2014)

A mystery series set in an Italian restaurant.  A recipe included. Delicioso.

This is a cozy–one of those mysteries solved by brain power with little if any bloodshed and nothing gruesome but the puns. (Costa’s first book was called You Cannoli Die Once.) A wise-cracking protagonist, a queenly matron of the family, a mysterious organization, a gaggle of interesting/bizarre characters and lots of food.

This one is not getting a full-fledged review because it does not meet A Traveler’s Library criteria for setting an irrisistable scene–a place you want to go.  Bucks County is a GREAT place to visit, but although Miracolo, the restaurant, is located in Buck’s County it could be most anywhere.

However, travelers who are looking for a nice summer read–something light for the airplane or the beach–will be entertained. And what more can you ask. Maybe a serving of those Gorgonzola and Spiced Walnuts in Port Wine Syrup?

Note:  The publisher provided the book for review, which does not influence my opinons. Amazon links are affiliate links, which means when you shop through them, you’re supporting A Traveler’s Library. Thanks.

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