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Edie Jarolim, who has written extensively about travel, food, and pets, has reviewed books about pets and travel for A Traveler's Library. She is working on a memoir of her life as a travel writer called Getting Naked for Money: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All. Read more about it at her blog

The Mountains Called

 Pet Travel Book Club

Destination: New Hampshire

 Book: Following Atticus: Eight Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship  (September 2011) by Tom Ryan

CONTEST IS CLOSED. NOTE: This is the continuing book club run by Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate me. Win a signed copy of Following Atticus by commenting here, OR at Will My Dog Hate Me. Comment both places and get two entries.

Review by Rebecca Boren

I wish I knew which wise person said that one mark of a wonderful book is that each reader feels it was written specifically to him or her. In the three months since its publication, Following Atticusa love letter to New Hampshire’s White Mountains and the two miniature schnauzers who transformed author Tom Ryan’s life, has already achieved best-seller status, gaining such accolades as “lyrical”, “heartwarming,” and “entertaining and joyous.” It’s been dubbed an instant regional classic, a worthy follower in the footsteps of such New England literary giants as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson— whom Ryan loves to quote. Continue reading The Mountains Called

Steinbeck Classic Launches Pet Travel Book Club

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: The American Road Trip

Book: Travels With Charley, In Search of America by John Steinbeck

By Edie Jarolim

John Steinbeck and Charley
John Steinbeck and Charley

Woe to the author who becomes a classic, especially one who has been awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature. The uninitiated reader — or the one who only knows the books assigned in high school — is likely to suspect that the author’s works are going to be Good For You, and therefore not much fun. Continue reading Steinbeck Classic Launches Pet Travel Book Club

Travel: A Romance for Dog Lovers


Destination: Collelungo, Umbria, Italy

Book: NEW Marcus of Umbria: What an Italian Dog Taught an American Girl About Love by Justine van der

Leun (June 2010)

GUEST POST by Edie Jarolim

First, an admission: I rarely read travel memoirs by living writers.   Continue reading Travel: A Romance for Dog Lovers