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A Walk in Palestine Is an Adventure

Adventure Travel Week

Palestine countryside near Sebastia
Near Sebastia, Palestine–Almond trees

Destination: Palestine

Book: Walking Palestine: 25 Journeys into the West Bank by Stefan SzepesiWalking Palestine book cover

What do you really know about Palestine?  I’m betting for most of us that’s not much beyond the headlines of conflict over borders with Israel.  In this ‘year of the Arab Spring,’ I wrote a series of reviews of books about Arab countries in the Mid-East and in northern Africa, which started with the linked article. I never happened upon just the right book for Palestine. Belatedly, I’m remedying that oversight with a book about a different kind of walking tour. Continue reading A Walk in Palestine Is an Adventure

The Hidden Danger of Amazon Adventure

Adventure Week

Amazon in Peru
Amazon River in Peru. Photo from Flickr collection of Global Water Forum

Destination: Peru, Colombia, Brazil

Book: Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time. (New in paper back Aug. 2012) by Ed Stafford

It isn’t the hostile natives, or the jaguars or the poisonous snakes or the ba-zillion mosquitoes that pose the greatest danger. It’s boredom.

The big surprise revealed in Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time. turns out to be a fundamental of brain science.  Even when every move you make has to be calculated to help you survive, if you’re doing the same thing every day for more than 800 days running, your mind says, “Enough already!” It craves novelty. Continue reading The Hidden Danger of Amazon Adventure

Modern India Adventure

Adventure Travel Week

Delhi from a rickshaw
Transportation in Delhi

Destination: India

Book: Planes, Trains, and Auto-Rickshaws,  A Journey Through Modern India (NEW July 2012) by Laura Pedersen

What is adventure travel? While there are many definitions and many degrees of adventure, surely most of us will agree that adventure means going beyond your comfort level. This week we will go on three very different  adventures–India, Palestine and the Amazon.

When you are six years old, crossing the street alone is an adventure.  When you are sixteen, driving across town can be hair-raising. The first time you leave your home country, going through customs or Passport Control can set your heart racing.  Seasoned travelers demand a little more of adventure travel.  For Laura Pedersen, who had some preconceived notions about travel to India, India definitely looked like an adventure. Continue reading Modern India Adventure