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Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

How to help women in Afghanistan

Book Cover The Sky is a Nest of Swallows
The Afghan Women’s Writing Project gives women in Afghanistan a chance to express themselves.  My friend, writer Masha Hamilton started a haven for women who want to tell their stories. She realized that those stories needed to be heard outside of Afghanistan, and the women needed to know that someone is listening, so a website was born. Now there is a book. The dedication page says:

Journalist and novelist Masha Hamilton founded the Afghan Women’s Writing Project in May 2009. She dedicated the project to the memory of Zarmeena, a mother of seven who was brutally put to deat in Taliban-held Afghanistan before ever having the chance to tell her own story.

The stories published on the AWWP website are amazing. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some voices. Continue reading Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

Afghanistan: The bad and the good

Books for the Arab World in Troubled Times

Herat, AfghanistanDestination: Afghanistan

Reading: The Afghan Women’s Writing Project, initiated by author Masha Hamilton

Just when we are beginning to think we might finally withdraw from Afghanistan–renewed fighting breaks out. The U.S. military went to Afghanistan because of the ruling Taliban’s support of Al Quaida. With the death of Osama bin Laden, and hopes that Al Quaida would be weakened, some hoped for an earlier withdrawal. News last week casts a pall on hope. Continue reading Afghanistan: The bad and the good

Afghanistan: Rebuilding the Bamiyam Buddhas

A Video  for Arab Countries in Troubled Times.


Meanwhile, continuing our look at troubled mid-eastern country, Afghanistan continues its confusing struggle between anti-Western and more modern thinking people, between pro and anti Taliban. A struggle includes the question of rebuilding the Bamiyam Buddhas.

I want to thank Pack a Book, a terrific web site for readers who travel, for bringing to my attention, this video by Al Jazeera – English about the attempts to rebuild the Bamiyam Buddhas. [UPDATE: the Al Jazeera videos are no longer available. I have substituted another video I found on You Tube. This one is by UNESCO, the U.N. organization trying to save Afghans heritage sites.]

Because of your interest in the Freya Stark travel book,The Minaret of Djam, I thought you might want to see this story of the Bamiyam Buddhas.

In this video, you will see what the Bamiyam valley that she visited looks like today.

If you have trouble loading the video, please try reloading the page.


Do you have an opinion about whether the Bamiyam Buddhas should be rebuilt? If you had several million dollars to spend in Afghanistan, where would you spend it?