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News at the Traveler's Library

  • Keep your eyes open and you will see some changes at the Traveler’s Library in the next few weeks, as I complete
    Book Shelves
    Book Shelves

    the 31-day Blogging Challenge sponsored by the guru of blogging, Darren Rowse. There simply is no better source of information for bloggers on the web than Darren Rowse’s blog.

  • One change that has nothing to do with the Blogging Challenge appeared a few days ago at the top of the right-hand column. Click on it and it will take you to a site called Bloggers Unite, and the description of an effort by bloggers to help Heifer International, those great folks that help people around the globe find the means to feed themselves.  Be sure to cruise on over to the Traveler’s Library on Wednesday, April 29, I will present an interview with the head of Heifer’s Travel program and pass on her travel book recommendations for some of the Heifer Travel destinations. Check Heifer’s Web Site and see if you can join the fun during April events.
  • Just a reminder that this coming week is (allegedly) William Shakespeare’s birthday. It is on the 23rd–or maybe the 22nd–or maybe he wasn’t even a playwright so we should forget the whole thing.  Stay tuned. We’ll be talking about Shakespeare.
  • Busy week , because we also have Earth Day on April 22. But you already have your reading assignments for Earth Day travels to the Southwestern United States. Continue reading News at the Traveler's Library