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A Cozy Mystery set in Scottsdale Comes with Recipes.

Cozy Mystery book cover
Destination: Scottsdale, AZ

Book: Going, Going, Ganache by Jenn McKinlay

A cozy mystery with cupcake recipes included. Does this sound like your kind of book?  Because Jenn McKinlay is writing for a particular audience, and she knows what they like.  All of Jenn’s books feature female accidental detectives. They are fun, every day women who bumble into crime and use their wits to solve problems. You get the feeling you could be one of her heroines. Don’t worry if you don’t know what “ganache” is, but if you don’t dig romance and cupcakes, well…maybe you should move along the book aisle. Continue reading A Cozy Mystery set in Scottsdale Comes with Recipes.

Of Books and Festival and Food and Spies

Tucson Festival of Books 2010
Giant Crossword Puzzle for TFOB


I’m taking a bit of a break today so I can read FAMOUS AUTHOR’s latest book. That is because I am the volunteer driver for FAMOUS AUTHOR when he comes to the Tucson Festival of Books on March 12 and 13.  You can meet him and a couple hundred other authors and see more books than you can believe can be in one city at one time. (Watch for my Twitter quiz and see if you can guess my FAMOUS AUTHOR.) Continue reading Of Books and Festival and Food and Spies

Travel Tuesday: San Diego


When you live in Tucson, you take travel to San Diego for granted. But mostly those are summer trips. “San Diego is Tucson’s beach,” we say, when people tease us about being too far from the ocean. Continue reading Travel Tuesday: San Diego