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Cambodia: Search for Lost Treasure

Book Cover: Hidden Treasure in Cambodia
Paperback Cover
Book Cover: Lost Treasure in Cambodia
Hardback Cover


Destination: Shanghai, Vietnam, Cambodia

Book: The Map of Lost Memories by Kim Fay NEW, May 2013 in paperback, originally published in 2012

Kim Fay is the third of the quartet of mystery writers I met at the Tucson Festival of Books. (I previously wrote about Becky Masterman’s book set in Tucson and Jenn McKinlay’s cupcake mysteries set in Scottsdale.)

I was very excited to hear that Kim Fay, who has lived in Southeast Asia for long periods of time, had written a book about a search for hidden treasures in a Cambodian temple.  If you are a regular here, you know how much I loved Cambodia when I visited there. I’ve posted a review of an outstanding memoir , guidebook reviews and temple art photos from that trip.

Thrity Umrigor, Kim Fay and Susan Vreeland
Thrity Umrigor (The World We Found), Kim Fay (The Map of Lost Memories) and Susan Vreeland. (I read her The Passion of Artemisia about a rare woman painter in Baroque Italy. Her latest is Clara and Mr. Tiffany.)

Although Kim Fay published The Map of Lost Memories in 2012, the paperback version comes out this month. Which cover do you like best? Continue reading Cambodia: Search for Lost Treasure

Travel Photos: Cambodian Religion

Monks and wood sellers outside Angkor Thom
Monks and wood sellers outside Angkor Thom

To Western eyes, coming from countries where church is separated from daily life, clergy is separated from the general populace, and you believe in one creed at a time, there was a lot to get used to in Cambodia.  For one thing, most boys from Buddhist families become monks at some time in their lives, and women may become monks, too.  It may be for a short time before they move back into daily life, or it may last a lifetime. But either way, you will see the brightly colored orange robes and shaved heads everywhere. Continue reading Travel Photos: Cambodian Religion