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The Best Books About Spain

SPAIN WEEK at A Traveler’s Library

Since this is Spain Week at A Traveler’s Library, I thought I’d review some of the best books we have talked about at A Traveler’s Library for the traveler to Spain, in case you missed them the first time around. Continue reading The Best Books About Spain

Thriller’s Hero Wants Peaceful Life in Barcelona

Destination: Barcelona

Book: Lying Crying Dying (2002) By Dominic Martell. (Newly published in e-book format, 2012.)

Although LYING CRYING DYING has been in print a few years, the three-book series that it launched has just gone mod with new e-book editions. Dominic Martell deserves to be better known than he is as a spy/thriller writer, and I’m amazed that this book never made it as a movie script. Packed with action, and set in a fascinating city, it just seems to be made for the big screen. (Martel may be better known by his pen name Sam Reaves, under which he wrote a much longer series of crime stories set in Chicago.) Continue reading Thriller’s Hero Wants Peaceful Life in Barcelona

Linguistic Travel

The route less traveled

Destination: Europe

Book: Mother Tongues: Travels Through Tribal Europe (2001) by Helena Drysdale

I have touted The Browser and the newsletter of its Five Books  as a great source to learn about books in specific subject matter. Here’s part of a review of language books from Five Books of language books by Henry Hitchings, a writer and critic specializing in non fiction: Continue reading Linguistic Travel