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Frozen Planet DVD

Destination: North and South Poles

DVD: Frozen Planet, (NEW April 2012) narrated by David Attenborough, produced by BBC Earth

Although travel to the “last” continent, Antarctic seems almost commonplace these days,  a cruise into the Antarctic sea or a night or two in a luxury camp still is comparable to sailing by the Atlantic Barrier Islands on the East Coast  and saying that you’ve been to North America. Tourists see only the edges. Very few of us are the world-class adventurers who will brave the stupendous winds, the towering mountains, the treacherous, ever shifting ice to see the sights shown in this DVD set. Not to mention how expensive it is to survey that expanse. Continue reading Frozen Planet DVD

England Conquers American TV with Downton Abbey


NOTICE: I got this press release which I thought might interest some travelers:

Zicasso, an online luxury travel service that matches discerning travelers with the industry’s top 10% travel specialists, is offering ‘Downton Abbey,’ an exclusive seven day trip to England to visit the filming locations used in the making of the popular TV period drama Downton Abbey. The itinerary includes visits to Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, and London, allowing travelers to discover the beauty of the English countryside as well as the highlights of London.  Available from July to September 2012, this custom tour starts from $4,500 per person based on double occupancy, depending on final hotel choices. The price per person is lower when there are more travelers per private group. For more information, please visit: http://www.zicasso.com/luxury-vacation-uk-tours/downton-abbey-themed-vacation

Destination: England

TV Series: Downton Abbey (1st and 2nd Seasons on DVD)

UPDATE:  I sloppily assumed that BBC funded the production of Downton Abbey, but a reader wrote to set me straight in a direct e-mail, which I have copied into the comment section below.  It did play in England before America, however the show first appeared on commercial ITV in England rather than BBC. Continue reading England Conquers American TV with Downton Abbey

Visit Ystad Sweden with Wallander

Destination: Sweden

TV Series: Wallander with Kenneth Branagh  ( BBC and PBS)

Guest Post by Melanie McMinn


Melanie McMinn
Melanie McMinn

Melanie McMinn, an American ex-pat writer and artist living in New Zealand, actually takes time off from raising bees, creating creatures of felted wool, cooking, remodeling, and making all sorts of other things including a blog called Frugal Kiwi–which was named one of the five best blogs of Australia/New Zealand in last year’s Bloggies–(pant! pant! she’s wearing me out)– to watch television.  When I mentioned that I was doing a series of mysteries here at A Traveler’s Library, she jumped at the opportunity to talk about her favorite. She watches [amazon_link id=”B001VLBDB2″ target=”_blank” ]Wallander[/amazon_link] on BBC, but Americans have seen two series of the show on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery Theater (2009 and 2010), and are hoping the next three will appear soon. Continue reading Visit Ystad Sweden with Wallander