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Fall Pet Travel: Scenic, Spooky, and Splendid

German Shepherd and Greyhound Hiking
Morgan and Bunny from Tales and Tails blog enjoying the fall scenery at Illinois’s Starved Rock State Park. Photo courtesy of Carrie Noar.

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: various sites of autumn beauty and ghostly happenings

By Pamela Douglas Webster

With a nip in the air, many Americans start thinking of spooks, falling leaves, and winterizing their homes. My thoughts turn to taking a road trip with my dog.

Summer is wonderful for travel. But pet-friendly travel is risky in the heat. One long line at a rest stop ladies room could cause terrible suffering, for your dog if you decide to wait and for yourself if you don’t. Continue reading Fall Pet Travel: Scenic, Spooky, and Splendid

Driving By Moonlight

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: Continental U.S.

Book: Driving by Moonlight: A Journey Through Love, War, and Infertility (2003) by Kristin Henderson

By Pamela Douglas Webster

[NOTE: See Pamela’s thoughts about a pet as a substitute for a child as she discusses this book at Something Wagging This Way Comes.]

Need to clear your head? Take a drive.

But when the thoughts raging around your mind include pacifism versus revenge, the state of your marriage, the sorrow of infertility, and the nature of God? Then you better take a loooong drive. In Kristin Henderson’s case, the drive was across the continental United States and back again. Continue reading Driving By Moonlight

Survival at Sea

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: Queensland, Australia

Book: Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog (New – January 2012) by Emma Pearse

By Pamela Douglas Webster

BULLETIN:¬†Note from Vera: You can win a copy of Sophie’s story. Just go to Something Wagging This Way Comes to find out how. Readers of A Traveler’s Library have a leg up (or don’t I dare say that in relationship to a doggie book?)

Clear, temperate water and unspoiled islands make the Coral Sea off the Queensland, Australia coast a lovely boating destination. But for the Griffith family, a dream day on their boat became a nightmare with the disappearance of beloved Australian cattle dog, Sophie. Continue reading Survival at Sea