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Seeking Secret of Life on a Greek Island

Destination: Hydra, Greece

Book: Travels With Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life By Dan Klein

More about philosophy than about travel, the little book Travels with Epicurus, grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons.  First, the author is 73 and thinking of how to be old. Second, he travels to a Greek Island to do his thinking. Continue reading Seeking Secret of Life on a Greek Island

Packing Advice for Henry VIII

Destination: England (in the 16th century)

Book cover
Book: The King’s Damsel (November 2012) by Kate Emerson

King Henry VIII, not to mention his daughter Princess Mary, could have used some of that advice on the Internet about packing light.

I always knew that royalty moved from place to place–they needed to dazzle the locals with their power and authority. But The King’s Damsel brought home to me how constant and complex were the royal processions about the countryside. Continue reading Packing Advice for Henry VIII

Christmas in Savannah: Gifts of the Low Country

Tasty Travel Thursday

Destination: Savannah, Georgia

Book: A Savannah Christmas by Kimberly Ergul and Holley Jaakkola

Review by Brette Sember

Savannah is one of my favorite cities to travel to. There’s something gracious and charming about its squares, muggy air, architecture, cuisine, and friendly people. There may not be snow in Savannah for Christmas, but there is just about everything else you could want. Showcasing all of this is A Savannah Christmas by Kimberly Ergul and Holley Jaakkola, a gift you must give yourself this season. As much as I love cookbooks, sometimes they can be a little too much pressure. After all, each page is something new you should cook, bake, or create. They ask a lot of you. Continue reading Christmas in Savannah: Gifts of the Low Country