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Peace on Earth

Travel Photo Thursday

Sleigh BellsHappy Holidays from All Around the World



Each year as I travel, I try to take a few photos that might make iconic Christmas card covers. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not so. Here are a few from the past travel years that have appeared on my Christmas cards. You can click on a photo to enlarge it. Continue reading Peace on Earth

Dutch Settlers in Delaware

The Dutch House, New Castle, Delaware
The Dutch House, New Castle, Delaware (early 1700's)

Destination: Colonial Delaware

Book: [amazon_link id=”B00372644O” target=”_blank” ]Flesh and Grass[/amazon_link] by Libby Cone (Self published via Smashwords and available on all forms of electronic media)

I read Libby Cone‘s first historic novel, [amazon_link id=”0715639722″ target=”_blank” ]War on the Margins[/amazon_link], about the German occupation of British Channel islands and enjoyed it very much. In the newer book, she’s writing  on her own without a graduate committee looking over her shoulder, and apparently without a caring editor. Too bad, because I am fascinated by the Dutch history on the East Coast of America, and loved visiting the old town of New Castle Delaware on a road trip to the Brandywine Valley. This book left me wishing I had not even started it, but it did stir up memories of a  trip to historic America. Continue reading Dutch Settlers in Delaware

5 Packing Tips and A Road Trip

I may be away, but by the miracle of Internet, I am unavoidable.  Today I have guest posts showing up at two fun sites:

I spill the beans about the 5  Things I Always Pack (except when I forget) at the tip-filled Practical Travel Gear.

And I invite you on a family road trip through the beautiful Brandywine Valley of Delaware and Pennsylvania over at Road Trips for Families.

Hope you enjoy these little diversions–or forks in the road.

(Tomorrow Kristen Gough is back here with her tales of Vienna. Don’t miss it).