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Cara Black Invites You to Paris. Oui?

Second book featuring a strong and unconventional woman during our celebration of Women’s History Month.


Montparnasse, Paris street corner
Photo by Phil Beard, who says “This is boulevard de Montparnasse at the junction with boulevard Raspail. The Métro station is Vavin and the corner café is La Rotonde, in its day a notable haunt of the avant-garde.(In)1916 .. Picasso and a group of friends, including Max Jacob and Modigliani, had lunch here..”

Place: Montparnasse , Paris

Book: Murder Below Montparnasse by Cara Black (NEW THIS MONTH: March 2013)

Cara Black  juggles. And she does it extremely well. Continue reading Cara Black Invites You to Paris. Oui?

10 Plus Scary Reads for Halloween

Every Childs Nightmare

Scary Reads?  Not all of the mystery novels I have reviewed are about a place as creepy as Cora Harrison’s Burren of Ireland ()or Martin Cruz Smith’s  Wolves Eat Dogs (♥♥♥♥). I’m wrapping up the two weeks of scary things and mystery novels with a list of some of the reader-preferred mysteries, with hearts to denote how fast they’ll make your heart beat. Continue reading 10 Plus Scary Reads for Halloween

Morte dans Paris Left Bank

Paris Left Bank


Destination: Paris

Book: Murder in the Latin Quarter(2009) by Cara Black

You can win this book by leaving a comment below (see end of post).

I often think of Alfred Hitchcok and the MacGuffin when I read a mystery.  To Hitchcok, the core of a mystery was the MacGuffin, a physical object that eludes the key characters and drives their frantic actions. “The papers”, “the key”, “the gun”, even the Holy Grail might be the MacGuffin. Once found, the characters believe the MacGuffin will answer all questions–in other words–solve the mystery–but it may be a false lead. Continue reading Morte dans Paris Left Bank