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Best Music for Journeys–Real and Spiritual

Here goes–to kick off 2013, we will be presenting you SEVEN “BEST of” lists in the next two weeks . First up is Kerry Dexter with music, of course. Don’t miss our gift of “bests”. Resolve to sign up for an e-mail subscription to A Traveler’s Library.


By Kerry Dexter

Travel is about moving from place to place, seeing  things, meeting people, all the aspects of being present in a place. There are journeys of intellect and imagination, too, journeys which happen through books and film and conversation. Every sort of travel also has an aspect of spirit and of faith, of asking good questions, of changing the questions to ask, of living with certain and uncertain answers. Music is a doorway, an inspiration, a guide, and a companion of such travels.

Here are several of my choices for albums which make good companions and guides for journeys of the spirit. Take a listen: they may not be
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