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Julia Child and Her Cats – A Love Story

Julia Child Book CoverPet Travel Tuesday

Destination: France (Paris & Provence), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Book: Julia’s Cats: Julia Child’s Life in the Company of Cats (2012)

By Pamela Douglas Webster

If you grew up watching television in America, you know Julia Child had a passion for cooking. If you’ve seen a documentary of her life or the feature film, Julie and Julia, you know of her passion for her husband, Paul.

But did you know about her passion for cats? I thought not. Continue reading Julia Child and Her Cats – A Love Story

A Man, Two Cats, Chickens, Pigs and a Duck on an Island

Island Animals Book Cover

Pet Travel Tuesday

Destination: Cook Islands

Book: An Island to Oneself (1966) by Tom Neale.

By Pamela Douglas Webster

(NOTE: See more thoughts about fantasy and desert islands at Pamela’s site, Something Wagging This Way Comes.)

New Zealander Tom Neale wanted to test his ability to live alone on an island. In his mid-50s, he was finally ready.

Surprisingly his greatest trials came not from the elements or from surviving with only what he brought to the island, salvaged, or built himself. Continue reading A Man, Two Cats, Chickens, Pigs and a Duck on an Island

Travel Photo Thursday: Cats

One of my fondest travel memories is from our first trip to Greece together.  (I had been there ten years before on a tour).  We stayed at the Porto Fira hotel which spills down the side of the caldera in Santorini. It was very hot, and so we generally left the window open.  Frequently we would be awakened by a cat who had jumped in the window and onto our bed just below the window. I never caught his/her picture. Although I do not travel with a cat as today’s Pet Travel story does, it really didn’t seem necesssary. They are everywhere and usually ready to be friends. Continue reading Travel Photo Thursday: Cats