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Mystery in the Spooky Burren of Ireland

Destination: Ireland

Book: My Lady Judge: A Mystery of Medieval Ireland by Cora Harrison (2007)

The Burren
The Burren

The Burren of Ireland fascinated me when we traveled through County Clare. Long, flat tables of gray stone stretch toward the sea. Cracks and ridges and deep fissures make walking across the limestone ground an adventure. Lovely little wild flowers poked up out of this seemingly hostile environment, adding to the oddness. It all looks very ancient, even before you come upon the frequent Ring Forts and Dolmens left behind by prehistoric settlers.  The spooky, otherworldly atmosphere of the Burren makes it a perfect locale for a mystery, and how appropriate that Cora Harrison has set her Burren mysteries in the 16th Century. Continue reading Mystery in the Spooky Burren of Ireland