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Horrible Books Just the Ticket for Traveling Boys

The Tower Bridge, London
The Tower Bridge


Destination: London

Books: Loathsome London by Terry Deary from the Horrible Histories

Various Titles from the You Wouldn’t Want To Be… series for children

“Horrible” History Makes Traveling to Britain with Kids Fun

A GUEST POST by Mara Gorman

Grownups tend to think that castles, suits of armor, and ancient towers are automatically interesting to the younger set. The fact is, to most children one old building looks much like another, even if they both happen to be ancient castles. And without understanding what suits of armor and lances were used for, what fun are they to look at? Continue reading Horrible Books Just the Ticket for Traveling Boys

Looking Back and Travel and Books

The great big, g-normous,giveaway of travel literature continues. For today’s prize, see the bottom of this post.

Looking Back

I want to share with you the Best of December and of 2009 at A Traveler’s Library. That includes the ten posts that drew the most traffic in 2009, the readers who left more than five comments during the month of December, and the sites that referred readers most frequently in the last month of the year. Continue reading Looking Back and Travel and Books