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Exploring Western Plateaus and Canyons

Western Road Trip

I’m starting this mini-road trip through the Western United States with a look at some of the unusual geography that draws road-trippers and hikers to northern Arizona and southern Utah. In the next couple of weeks we’ll look at a variety of books that reflect on the West.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, Arizona-Utah border. Photo used by permission of Donna L. Hull

Destination: Arizona and Utah

Book: Plateaus and Canyons: Impressions of the American Southwest (NEW 2011) by Bruce Barnbaum

This breath-taking book of Western photography will stoke your dreams of wandering through undiscovered, dramatic scenery  built of sculpted rock and space that seems as solid as the rock.

Bruce Barnbaum has been photographing the Western United States for decades, and teaching classes in photography in some of his favorite locations on the Colorado Plateau for many years. Most of his teaching expeditions have been out of Page, Arizona on the mesas and in the slot canyons near Lake Powell. This land generally makes up part of the Navajo reservation. I’m a sucker for that country from just south of the Grand Canyon north into Utah and the unbelievably beautiful lands that fortunately are largely protected as national parks and monuments.  That makes this location a great place to a start our short road trip through Western States. Continue reading Exploring Western Plateaus and Canyons