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TV Show Location to Travel By

It seems that every tourism agency is getting on the bandwagon whether they have one TV show location or many movie locations. They offer tie-ins, tours, and websites.  So here are some of the TV show locations that lure me to want to travel. See more of my picks at Reel Life With Jane.


TV Show Location: Albuquerque
Albuquerque, Sandia Mountain. Photo by Dan Hinojosa

TV Show Location: Albuquerque, NM

Shows: In Plain Sight; Breaking Bad

I was a great fan of In Plain Sight, which, sadly, is no more. For its first seasons, it operated the way most TV shows do that pretend to be somewhere other than a Hollywood sound stage.  They used establishing shots of New Mexico at the beginning of the show and occasionally the cast would drive on a highway that might have been in New Mexico.  However, in the last season, they got serious about showing Albuquerque. You could see downtown areas, old adobe neighborhoods, and Sandia Peak surrounded by colorful desert.  I felt its portrayal of Albuquerque was spot on, once they started using real locations. Continue reading TV Show Location to Travel By

Cornwall, Direckly

Destination: Cornwall County, England

DVD cover, Cornwall
DVD: Cornwall with Caroline Quentin (NEW, U.S. Debut November 6 2012)

Darn this DVD for adding yet another destination to my lengthy WANNAGOTHERE list.

Outside of the more obvious places–London, Stratford, uh–there must be some other ones–I admit that I am woefully ignorant of England’s counties, so I should not be totally surprised that Cornwall came as a….total surprise. Continue reading Cornwall, Direckly