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8 Best Articles on Cultural Travel

Cultural Travel

By Jessica Voigts

I have both written and published many articles about cultural travel. Cultural travel is important to intercultural understanding, as it allows you to dig deeply into a place and truly explore the culture. I’d like to share a few of my favorite posts on cultural travel – one from a student in our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program, several from editors at Wandering Educators, and a few that I penned. Take a look at eight of my favorites… Continue reading 8 Best Articles on Cultural Travel

The Boar and the Butterfly

An Earth Day Read

Destination: the World

Book: The Ragged Edge of the World: Encounters at the Frontier Where Modernity, Wildlands and Indigenous Peoples Meet (NEW April 2012) by Eugene Linden.

“Tourism’s hyperbole to the contrary, there are very few “timeless” places left on the planet.” Eugene Linden.

Surely anyone afflicted with an addiction to travel will envy  the itinerary of Eugene Linden‘s life. This is the sort of book that convinces people that travel writers lead glamorous and exciting lives. The important thing about Linden’s travel, though, is not the sheer joy of exploring far-flung places, but the intellectual journeys that motivated his jet-away life. Continue reading The Boar and the Butterfly

Cuba is Music

the little girl and the mattress
Cuban street scene

Destination: Cuba

Movie: The Buena Vista Social Club,(1998) Director Wim Wenders. Winner of Best Documentary Feature, Academy Award.

Although I blather on here about books and movies that inspire people to travel to places, I can  point to a relatively few that have actually lit a fire in me–given me an obsession. Yes, there have been books and movies that made me want to go somewhere, but  The Buena Vista Social Club was not just a movie, it was an experience. Continue reading Cuba is Music