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Syria Stars in New Book about Calligraphy

Books for The Arab World in Troubled Times

Note from 2011, the Arab Spring: With war and revolution burning throughout the Mid East, I am continuing a series on countries we need to know more about. Last week was Traveller’s History of Egypt. This week, coincidental with news of Syrian rebellion , we move to Syria. As an apology for this longer-than-usual post, I will give this unusual travel literature book to someone who leaves a comment. Luck of the draw. (Contest long over)

Arabic Calligraphy

Destination: Damascus, Syria

Book: The Calligrapher’s Secret (2008,  1st American ed. 2011) by Rafik Schami

The Calligrapher’s Secret reads somewhat like a Dickens’ novel would if Dickens were forced to live in, say Russia, and was homesick for London. Continue reading Syria Stars in New Book about Calligraphy