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Don George Agrees–Fiction Makes Travel Literature

Destination: Everywhere

Book Cover
Book: Better than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers, edited by Don George

Lonely Planet and Don George have a thing going.  This is the seventh book George has edited for the company.  Don George, in case you have not met, writes just about the best travel articles you could wish for. He used to be the editor of the travel section for the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle. He reviews travel books and writes and edits for websites. And he stuffed all that experience in a book,  Lonely Planet Travel Writing, that everyone says is the best of the many guides for travel writers. Continue reading Don George Agrees–Fiction Makes Travel Literature

Sharing Some Good Travel Writing

What Books Do We Read?

Time to ask that basic question again–what kind of books contribute the most to the traveler’s experience? This thoughtful review of a book of Travel Literature from South Africa finds a slight twist on our assumption that the best connection with place can be made through fiction. Perceptive Travel, the web magazine where the article appears provides consistently interesting articles on travel.

Medieval Guide Book

If you happen to be dropping in to Cardiff Wales between now and January 2010, you can see a travel book written in the 12th century. Continue reading Sharing Some Good Travel Writing

4 Lists of Summer Travel Reading

Reading on the beach in St. Lucia
Reading on the beach in St. Lucia

What is this notion that we need some sort of different reading list in the summer?  Once you are out of school, in America, at least, you don’t have long, uninterrupted periods of time to read. I tend to read on the airplane, and put the books away at my destination. Too busy looking at people and things to be looking at pages.

Nevertheless, people keep cranking out summer reading lists, and I keep compulsively reading those lists–if not all of the books they list.  Continue reading 4 Lists of Summer Travel Reading