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Check Out This New Guest Column at Reel Life With Jane

Check Out This New Guest Column at Reel Life With Jane

Do you love costume dramas?

The kind that British TV is particularly well known for?

The kind that shows up mostly on PBS in the United States?

The kind with a vintage “wet t-shirt” shot of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy  in Jane Eyre?


Then you might be tempted to buy the $39.95 DVD set called The Story of The Costume Drama. Warning. There’s something much better. Read all about it in my latest column at Reel Life with Jane.


Frozen Planet DVD

Destination: North and South Poles

DVD: Frozen Planet, (NEW April 2012) narrated by David Attenborough, produced by BBC Earth

Although travel to the “last” continent, Antarctic seems almost commonplace these days,  a cruise into the Antarctic sea or a night or two in a luxury camp still is comparable to sailing by the Atlantic Barrier Islands on the East Coast  and saying that you’ve been to North America. Tourists see only the edges. Very few of us are the world-class adventurers who will brave the stupendous winds, the towering mountains, the treacherous, ever shifting ice to see the sights shown in this DVD set. Not to mention how expensive it is to survey that expanse. Continue reading Frozen Planet DVD