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TV Show Location to Travel By

It seems that every tourism agency is getting on the bandwagon whether they have one TV show location or many movie locations. They offer tie-ins, tours, and websites.  So here are some of the TV show locations that lure me to want to travel. See more of my picks at Reel Life With Jane.


TV Show Location: Albuquerque
Albuquerque, Sandia Mountain. Photo by Dan Hinojosa

TV Show Location: Albuquerque, NM

Shows: In Plain Sight; Breaking Bad

I was a great fan of In Plain Sight, which, sadly, is no more. For its first seasons, it operated the way most TV shows do that pretend to be somewhere other than a Hollywood sound stage.  They used establishing shots of New Mexico at the beginning of the show and occasionally the cast would drive on a highway that might have been in New Mexico.  However, in the last season, they got serious about showing Albuquerque. You could see downtown areas, old adobe neighborhoods, and Sandia Peak surrounded by colorful desert.  I felt its portrayal of Albuquerque was spot on, once they started using real locations. Continue reading TV Show Location to Travel By

New Jenn McKinlay Mystery in Notting Hill Hat Shop

Destination: London

Book: Cloche and Dagger, A Hat Shop Mystery by Jenn McKinlay (NEW August 6, 2013)

Fancy hat
Photo by Barbara Courouble

Arizona author Jenn McKinlay juggles not one but three series of mysteries in her writing life.  In June, we talked here about Going, Going, Ganache, the latest of her Cupcake Mysteries, which are set in fashionable downtown Scottsdale. Her Library Lover’s mysteries are set in New England. But she’s gone abroad for her newest series, debuting this week with Cloche and Dagger. A hat shop in Notting Hill, London, is the focus of her usual wit, puns, romance, gal-pals, and, oh, yes–murder. Continue reading New Jenn McKinlay Mystery in Notting Hill Hat Shop

Tired of Visiting Cathedrals? 7 Reasons to Take Another Look

Cultural Travel

By Jessica Voigts

When visiting cathedrals, have you ever been “cathedral’d” out?

Visting Cathedrals might make you sleepy
You might need a nap, like this Greek marble statue from the Louvre

You know what I mean – traveling around Europe, and seeing every single cathedral there ever was? After a while, it gets tiresome. After all, one cathedral sort of  looks like  the next. The first few you see are stunning – and you take hundreds of photos, amazed by the architecture, history, and purpose. Then, you get cathedral fatigue. Continue reading Tired of Visiting Cathedrals? 7 Reasons to Take Another Look